Have you ever wondered what it feels like to explore the stunning island of Capri like a VIP? Imagine cruising along the azure waters, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and exclusive hideaways. This unique boat tour offers a glimpse into the world of luxury and prestige, where every moment is filled with elegance and charm.

But what secrets lie beyond the shimmering surface of Capri’s coastline, waiting to be discovered? Join the discussion to uncover the hidden gems and unforgettable experiences that await those who embark on this remarkable journey.

Just The Basics

Tour Capri: Discover the Island of VIPs by Boat - Just The Basics

  • Luxurious voyage around Capri with exclusive access to hidden gems
  • Indulge in VIP perks, aperitifs, and gourmet delights on a luxury yacht
  • Explore mythological history, stunning caves, and legendary rock formations
  • Hassle-free booking process for a sophisticated and memorable adventure

Tour Overview

Tour Capri: Discover the Island of VIPs by Boat - Tour Overview

Set out on a luxurious voyage around Capri, the playground of celebrities and jet-setters, on this exclusive boat tour. Guests are treated to VIP amenities and exclusive access to the most coveted spots on the island. The tour includes a visit to the enchanting Li Galli archipelago with its mythological history, a swim in the cobalt blue waters followed by a classy aperitif on board.

Explore three breathtaking caves and the iconic Faraglioni rock formations. Indulge in lunch at selected restaurants on the island and wander through Capri’s charming alleyways, enjoying its beauty and local life.

The tour provides a glimpse into the glamorous world of Capri, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

VIP Experience

Tour Capri: Discover the Island of VIPs by Boat - VIP Experience

Explore the opulent world of exclusive privileges and luxury treatment with the VIP Experience on this captivating boat tour around Capri, where guests are immersed in a realm of sophistication and extravagance.

  • Luxury Yachts: Guests are pampered aboard high-end luxury yachts, offering comfort and style throughout the journey.

  • Exclusive Access: Enjoy exclusive access to hidden gems and secluded spots only accessible by boat, ensuring a truly private and intimate experience.

  • Personalized Service: Experience top-notch personalized service from professional crew members who cater to every need and desire.

  • Gourmet Delights: Indulge in gourmet treats, fine wines, and exquisite cocktails while taking in the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Island Highlights

Tour Capri: Discover the Island of VIPs by Boat - Island Highlights

The Island Highlights of Capri beckon with their enchanting blend of natural wonders and cultural treasures awaiting discovery. Capri’s mythological history adds an air of mystery to its already captivating allure.

As visitors cruise along the cobalt blue waters surrounding the island, they’re transported to a realm where ancient tales meet modern-day elegance. The three spectacular caves dotting the coastline offer glimpses into the island’s geological past, while the legendary Faraglioni rock formations stand as majestic sentinels guarding the sea.

Exploring Capri’s alleyways reveals hidden gems of local life intertwined with breathtaking views. Each corner turned on this island paradise unravels a new layer of its rich history and natural beauty, leaving visitors spellbound by its charm.


Tour Capri: Discover the Island of VIPs by Boat - Inclusions

As visitors uncover the Island Highlights of Capri, they’re treated to a luxurious array of inclusions that enhance their exploration of this enchanting destination. Embarking on this VIP experience promises exclusive perks and a truly indulgent journey with luxury amenities that cater to every need. Here are four key inclusions that elevate the adventure:

  1. VIP Perks: Guests enjoy special treatment throughout the tour, ensuring a memorable and exclusive experience.

  2. Onboard Indulgence: From aperitifs to snacks, soft drinks, beers, prosecco, and limoncello, the onboard offerings provide a touch of luxury at sea.

  3. Comprehensive Package: Inclusions cover fuel, a professional skipper, sea towels, disembark tax, lunch, and tips, leaving guests worry-free to enjoy every moment.

  4. All-Inclusive Service: The package encompasses everything needed for a seamless and unforgettable exploration of Capri’s wonders.

Booking Process

Guests can easily secure their spot on the exclusive Capri boat tour by checking availability for starting times and reserving now to pay later, ensuring a hassle-free booking process.

The reservation process is straightforward: after selecting the desired date and number of participants, guests can proceed to book without making any payment upfront. This convenient option allows visitors to confirm their spot without immediate financial commitment.

Payment options are flexible, with the ability to settle the fee closer to the tour date. By offering this reservation process, the tour give you a stress-free experience from the moment guests decide to embark on this luxurious journey around the captivating island of Capri.

Directions to Starting Point

Navigating through the crystal-clear waters, visitors will easily locate the designated starting point for the exclusive Capri boat tour at the nearest port from their accommodation. Here are some useful tips to help you find your way:

  • Transportation options: Consider taking a taxi or a local bus to reach the port conveniently.
  • Local attractions: While making your way to the starting point, keep an eye out for charming cafes and boutiques along the waterfront.
  • Follow the signs: Look for signs directing you to the marina or dock where the boat tour departs.
  • Ask locals for guidance: Don’t hesitate to ask friendly locals for directions if you need any assistance.

With these directions in mind, you’ll soon be on your way to embark on a memorable journey around the stunning island of Capri.

Additional Information

Amidst the azure waters and rugged cliffs of Capri, visitors can anticipate encountering unique cultural insights and captivating natural wonders during the exclusive boat tour experience.

Embracing the VIP lifestyle, guests will have the opportunity to indulge in the finest local cuisine while cruising along the stunning coastline. The tour includes a classy aperitif on board, complete with a selection of snacks, soft drinks, beers, prosecco, and limoncello, ensuring a luxurious and enjoyable experience.

After exploring the magical caves and legendary Faraglioni rock formations, visitors can enjoy lunch at selected restaurants on the island, seeing the beauty and local life of Capri.

This combination of breathtaking scenery, high-end amenities, and delicious cuisine promises an unforgettable journey for those seeking a taste of VIP living.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tour Capri: Discover the Island of VIPs by Boat - Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Capri by Boat?

The best time to visit Capri by boat is during the summer peak season, typically from May to September. You’ll enjoy sunny weather, ideal for sightseeing the magical caves and legendary rock formations while soaking in the local events.

Are There Any Restrictions on What Can Be Brought on Board the Boat?

Guests can enjoy boat amenities like snacks, soft drinks, and towels on board. However, there are packing guidelines to follow. Guests should avoid bringing large coolers or outside alcoholic beverages. Please adhere to the guidelines for a smooth sailing experience.

Can Special Dietary Requirements Be Accommodated for the Lunch on the Island?

Special dietary requirements such as vegetarian options and allergen accommodations can be catered to for the lunch on the island. Customized menus are available to meet various dietary restrictions, ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Is There a Restroom on Board the Boat for Guests to Use?

Restroom facilities on board ensure guest comfort and convenience. The skipper maintains cleanliness standards, ensuring a pleasant experience. Guests can enjoy the trip worry-free, knowing there is a restroom available for their use throughout the journey.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Children to Participate in the Tour?

Age restrictions for children on the tour ensure child safety. Specific guidelines vary; typically, children under a certain age may not be allowed due to safety regulations. It’s crucial to inquire about age limits before booking to ensure a smooth experience.

Final Words

Embark on the ultimate VIP experience with the Tour Capri: Discover the Island of VIPs by Boat. From exploring enchanting caves to savoring exquisite cuisine, this luxurious journey promises a blend of elegance and adventure.

With a professional skipper at the helm and stunning sights at every turn, this seven-hour escapade is a gateway to opulence and relaxation on the high seas.

Book your exclusive tour today and indulge in the beauty of Capri like never before.

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