Imagine beginning your day surrounded by the stunning cliffs of Sorrento, anticipating a voyage to the legendary shores of Capri.

The Full-Day Private Capri Tour promises an unparalleled exploration of the Mediterranean jewel, offering a fusion of luxury and adventure that beckons travelers seeking exclusivity and charm.

As the sun kisses the cobalt waters, the journey unfolds with tales of ancient lore and modern indulgence, creating an ambiance that will captivate even the most discerning explorer.

Just The Basics

Sorrento: Full-Day Private Capri Tour - Just The Basics

  • Experience a full-day private tour to Capri from Sorrento with a private yacht cruise.
  • Enjoy snorkeling at top spots like Blue Grotto and exploring Capri’s cultural sites.
  • Benefit from inclusions like snorkeling gear, drinks, snacks, and Blue Grotto fees.
  • Flexible booking options, free cancellation, and hassle-free express security checks for a seamless experience.

Tour Details

Sorrento: Full-Day Private Capri Tour - Tour Details

Embark on the Sorrento to Capri tour that offers a comprehensive package including hotel pickup, snorkeling gear, and a visit to the mesmerizing Blue Grotto. Guests will cruise on a private yacht, soaking in the breathtaking scenic views along the way. With a price starting from $2,194.07 per group of up to 12, this 8-hour adventure ensures an unforgettable experience.

The tour includes beach towels, snorkeling equipment, soft drinks, dry snacks, and entrance fees to the Blue Grotto. Exclusions are meals and personal extras. Not suitable for those with mobility impairments, this tour guarantees an immersive journey filled with beauty and excitement.

Get ready to explore the wonders of Capri in style and comfort aboard a luxurious private yacht.

Tour Highlights

Sorrento: Full-Day Private Capri Tour - Tour Highlights

Enjoy the beauty and excitement of the Sorrento to Capri tour as you visit iconic landmarks like the Faraglioni Rocks and the Blue Grotto. Explore the crystal-clear waters of Capri with opportunities to swim and snorkel in beautiful bays, discovering hidden underwater treasures. After a refreshing dip, make your way to the famous Piazzetta di Capri for a taste of local culture and charm. Don’t miss the chance to sail past grottoes and the striking lighthouse of Punta Carena, adding a touch of adventure to your day. For those seeking a memento of this unforgettable experience, take some free time on Capri for shopping and exploring the vibrant boutiques and markets.

Snorkeling Spots Shopping Recommendations
Marina Piccola Carthusia Perfume Boutique
Blue Grotto Limoncello di Capri Shop
White Grotto Capri Sandals Boutique
Green Grotto Antica Dolceria Bellavia

Booking Information

Sorrento: Full-Day Private Capri Tour - Booking Information

Upon booking this exciting Sorrento to Capri tour, travelers can enjoy convenient features such as free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance and the option to reserve now & pay later to secure their spot. Payment options are flexible, allowing guests to plan easily.

Travel recommendations include wearing comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for walking and swimming. It’s advisable to bring sunscreen, a hat, and a camera to capture the stunning views. Guests are recommended to arrive at the hotel lobby for pickup at the specified time to ensure a smooth start to the tour.

Plus, skipping the line through express security check guarantees a hassle-free experience. Booking this tour promises a seamless and enjoyable journey to explore the beauty of Capri from Sorrento.


What captivating sights await you on the Sorrento to Capri tour itinerary? Set out on a journey filled with wonder as you sail from Sorrento to Capri with an expert English-speaking captain.

Along the way, marvel at the stunning grottoes and iconic Faraglioni Rocks. Delight in the opportunity to explore caves and pass under the Natural Arch, enjoying the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

Once on Capri, indulge in a local cuisine tasting, savoring the flavors of the region. Enjoy free time for shopping and further exploration of this picturesque island.

Before returning to Sorrento, sail past the lighthouse of Punta Carena, adding a touch of magic to your unforgettable day.

Customer Reviews

Travelers from around the world have raved about their exceptional experiences on the Sorrento to Capri tour, leaving glowing reviews for the unforgettable journey. Many highlighted the fantastic snorkeling experiences in the crystal-clear waters around Capri, encountering colorful marine life up close.

Reviewers also praised the local cuisine recommendations provided during the tour, savoring authentic dishes that perfectly captured the essence of Italian flavor. One customer mentioned how the tour not only offered breathtaking sights but also introduced them to hidden culinary gems that they wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

These positive reviews showcase the tour’s ability to deliver not only stunning natural beauty but also immersive cultural experiences that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Safety Information

Sorrento: Full-Day Private Capri Tour - Safety Information

Having provided travelers with exceptional experiences on the Sorrento to Capri tour, safety information ensures that all participants can fully enjoy the adventure without any concerns.

Safety precautions are meticulously followed throughout the journey to guarantee a smooth and secure experience. Participants will receive detailed instructions on emergency procedures before setting sail. Life jackets are provided for all passengers to ensure their safety while swimming and snorkeling in the beautiful bays around Capri.

The expert English-speaking captain is trained in handling any unforeseen situations and is equipped to manage emergencies effectively. Rest assured that every measure is taken to prioritize the well-being of everyone on board, allowing you to relax and learn about the beauty of Capri worry-free.

Additional Options

Sorrento: Full-Day Private Capri Tour - Additional Options

For those seeking to enhance their Sorrento to Capri tour experience, there are a variety of enticing additional options available to further elevate your day of exploration and relaxation.

One luxurious option is to upgrade your mode of transportation to a luxury yacht, offering unparalleled comfort and style as you cruise the stunning waters between Sorrento and Capri. These yachts provide a VIP experience, allowing you to bask in the beauty of the Mediterranean from a whole new perspective.

Plus, consider incorporating visits to various scenic viewpoints along the way, where you can capture breathtaking views of the coastline and crystal-clear waters below. These additional options promise to make your journey from Sorrento to Capri truly unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorrento: Full-Day Private Capri Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Bring Our Own Food and Drinks on the Private Capri Tour?

While on the private Capri tour, guests can’t bring their own food and drinks on board. However, they can enjoy complimentary soft drinks and dry snacks provided during the excursion, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable experience.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating in the Tour?

Age restrictions for tour participation vary; some tours may require accompanying adults for minors. It’s essential to check tour requirements beforehand. Ensure compliance with any specified age limits to guarantee a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Is There a Restroom on the Boat for the Duration of the Tour?

Restroom facilities are available on the boat for the duration of the tour. Guests can also enjoy food and drinks provided, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout the day trip to Capri.

Are There Any Opportunities for Shopping on the Island of Capri?

Opportunities for shopping on Capri include browsing local crafts in boutiques and indulging in luxury shopping at designer stores. Visitors can explore unique items, from handmade souvenirs to high-end fashion, enhancing their Capri experience.

Can We Request a Specific Departure Time for the Private Tour?

They can indeed request a specific departure time for their private tour. This feature offers customized schedules and tour flexibility, providing travelers with a personalized experience tailored to their preferred timing, ensuring an unforgettable adventure on the beautiful island of Capri.

Final Words

To sum it up, the Full-Day Private Capri Tour from Sorrento offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, allowing travelers to explore the stunning landscapes of Capri in comfort and style.

With expert captains, convenient amenities, and unforgettable sights along the way, this tour promises an enchanting experience that will leave guests with lasting memories of the beauty and charm of Italy’s coastline.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to discover the wonders of Sorrento and Capri!

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