Step into the world of a renowned Italian master on the ‘Skip the Line: Leonardo Da Vinci Walking Tour’ in Milan, where visitors can unlock the secrets of a timeless masterpiece.

Discover how this exclusive experience offers more than just a glimpse into the life and work of Da Vinci, providing a unique perspective on art and history that promises to leave participants with a deeper appreciation for one of the greatest minds in history.

Just The Basics

Skip the Line: Leonardo Da Vinci Walking Tour of Milan Including the Last Supper Ticket - Just The Basics

  • Guided tour with skip-the-line access to The Last Supper
  • Explore the Atlantic Codex and Santa Maria delle Grazie
  • Small group tour suitable for all, with historical insights
  • Logistics include locker use, limited viewing time, and double-decker bus transport

Tour Details

Skip the Line: Leonardo Da Vinci Walking Tour of Milan Including the Last Supper Ticket - Tour Details

Discover the intricacies of the Leonardo da Vinci Walking Tour of Milan, which includes a guided exploration of The Last Supper and a visit to the UNESCO-listed Santa Maria delle Grazie church. This tour offers historical insights into Da Vinci’s techniques and the artistic significance of this renowned masterpiece. Participants will explore Milan landmarks, gaining a deeper understanding of the city’s rich artistic heritage.

The tour provides a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the genius of Da Vinci and his masterful strokes. By visiting The Last Supper and Santa Maria delle Grazie, guests can enjoy the beauty and significance of these iconic works. This experience promises to be a captivating journey through art history and Milan’s cultural tapestry.

Tour Experience

Enjoy a captivating journey through art history and Milan’s cultural tapestry with the Leonardo da Vinci Walking Tour’s enriching and interactive experience. The knowledgeable guide shares fascinating historical anecdotes about Da Vinci’s works, offering insights that bring the master’s creations to life. Visitors get the unique opportunity to view the Atlantic Codex, which houses the largest collection of Da Vinci’s drawings, providing a glimpse into the genius’s creative process.

This small group tour caters to all, including travelers with mobility issues, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive experience. From exploring the iconic La Scala museum and the majestic Duomo to witnessing the renowned masterpiece, The Last Supper, this tour promises a comprehensive and memorable exploration of Da Vinci’s legacy in Milan.

Logistics and Tips

Skip the Line: Leonardo Da Vinci Walking Tour of Milan Including the Last Supper Ticket - Logistics and Tips

For an organized and hassle-free experience on the Leonardo da Vinci Walking Tour in Milan, visitors are required to use free lockers for storing handbags and backpacks before entering the viewing areas. This security measure ensures a smooth visit to The Last Supper without the burden of carrying personal belongings.

Plus, the tour provides accessibility options such as limited time inside the viewing area, an air-conditioned waiting area, and double-decker bus transport to the site. Visitors should be aware that there’s no audio tour available, but the guide offers historical insights during the tour.

Remember that belongings can be retrieved from the cloakroom after the visit, allowing for a stress-free exploration of Da Vinci’s masterpiece.


With an average rating of 4.5 from 342 reviews, visitors praise the guide’s knowledge and tour experience on the Leonardo da Vinci Walking Tour of Milan. Travelers appreciate the tour guide’s expertise in providing historical context about Da Vinci’s works.

The small group size ensures accessibility for those with mobility issues, allowing for a more personalized experience. Reviewers mention the informative anecdotes shared during the tour and the convenient use of headsets for clear communication.

Some feedback highlights the significant walking distance covered during the tour, indicating the thorough exploration of key landmarks like La Scala museum, the Duomo, and The Last Supper. Overall, positive reviews commend the guide for delivering a well-organized and insightful tour experience.

Scheduling and Communication

Skip the Line: Leonardo Da Vinci Walking Tour of Milan Including the Last Supper Ticket - Scheduling and Communication

Visitors on the Leonardo da Vinci Walking Tour of Milan appreciate the prompt communication and flexibility displayed by the tour company, ensuring a well-organized and accommodating experience for all participants.

  • Tour rescheduling due to venue issues
  • App reminders may not reflect updated tour times
  • Prompt call from the tour company for late arrivals

The tour company handles any tour rescheduling seamlessly, although some communication issues with app reminders have been noted. However, the team ensures a smooth experience by promptly contacting late arrivals and adjusting schedules accordingly. Rest assured, the tour guides are prepared to accommodate unforeseen circumstances to provide an enjoyable and well-coordinated visit to Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skip the Line: Leonardo Da Vinci Walking Tour of Milan Including the Last Supper Ticket - Frequently Asked Questions

Can Visitors Take Photographs Inside the Last Supper Viewing Area?

Visitors cannot take photographs inside the Last Supper viewing area due to the photography policy. However, they can explore souvenir options outside the site. Remember to respect the rules to preserve this historical masterpiece.

Are There Any Restrictions on What Visitors Can Bring Into the Viewing Area?

Security measures are in place at the Last Supper viewing area. Visitors must store handbags and backpacks in lockers provided. Limited time inside, so quick belongings retrieval is important. Double-decker bus transport to the site.

Is There a Specific Dress Code for the Tour?

There is no specific dress code mentioned for the tour. Visitors are advised to dress comfortably and consider weather conditions. It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for walking and exploring.

Are There Any Restroom Facilities Available During the Tour?

Restroom breaks are not scheduled during the tour, which can vary in duration. Participants are advised to use facilities before the tour. The guide will ensure a smooth experience, focusing on the tour’s historical highlights.

Is There a Specific Time Limit for Viewing the Last Supper?

When viewing The Last Supper, visitors typically have a 15-minute window due to preservation efforts and crowd control. This limited duration ensures a quality visitor experience while safeguarding the artwork.

Final Words

Skip the Line: Leonardo Da Vinci Walking Tour of Milan Including the Last Supper Ticket - Final Words

Experience the magic of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces in Milan with the Skip the Line: Leonardo Da Vinci Walking Tour. Dive into his world with skip-the-line access to The Last Supper and explore the city’s artistic treasures with a knowledgeable guide.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unravel the genius of one of history’s greatest artists and learn about the beauty of Milan’s cultural heritage. Book your tour today and embark on a journey of discovery like no other.

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