Nestled in the heart of Tuscany like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, the San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner on Royal Terrace promises an evening of elegance and charm.

Imagine being enveloped in the rich history and breathtaking beauty of the region, all while savoring delectable Tuscan cuisine under the twinkling stars.

But what truly sets this experience apart? Stay tuned to uncover how this exclusive event blends culinary excellence with a touch of regal sophistication, creating an ambiance that lingers long after the last bite has been savored.

Just The Basics

San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner on Royal Terrace - Just The Basics

  • Enjoy a romantic dinner in a Royal terrace garden with breathtaking Tuscany views.
  • Savor a traditional Tuscan dinner with wine and olive oil tastings.
  • Experience charismatic wine expert guidance during the evening.
  • Indulge in a unique dining experience in an elegant historic setting.

Pricing and Duration

San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner on Royal Terrace - Pricing and Duration

When booking the San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner on Royal Terrace, guests can enjoy a memorable 1.5-hour dining experience starting at $771.45 for a group of up to 4 people.

The intimate setting allows for customization, ensuring a personalized experience for each group. Guests can enhance their experience by making special requests such as dietary restrictions or celebratory arrangements.

The pricing structure caters to small groups, fostering a cozy and exclusive atmosphere. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a unique dining experience, the duration and group size offer flexibility for a tailored evening.

With the opportunity to customize elements of the evening, guests can truly make the most of their time at the San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner on Royal Terrace.

Language and Accessibility

San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner on Royal Terrace - Language and Accessibility

As guests enjoy the intimate and customizable dining experience at the San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner on Royal Terrace, they can engage in conversations comfortably in Italian or English while enjoying wheelchair-accessible facilities.

  • Guests can savor exquisite Italian cuisine prepared with the finest ingredients.

  • The venue provides wheelchair access to ensure all guests can enjoy the experience.

  • The staff is fluent in both Italian and English, catering to diverse language preferences.

  • The inviting atmosphere allows for a seamless dining experience, combining accessibility and cultural richness.

Highlights and Description

San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner on Royal Terrace - Highlights and Description

Guests at the San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner on Royal Terrace are treated to a captivating dining experience set amidst the picturesque backdrop of Tuscany’s wine country. The romantic setting of the Royal terrace garden offers covered, open-air dining with majestic fireplaces, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere for a memorable evening. As part of the experience, guests can enjoy wine tastings guided by a charismatic wine expert, seeing the flavors of local wines and extra virgin olive oil. Here is a snapshot of what guests can expect at this exclusive dinner:

Highlights Description
Romantic Setting Enjoy dining in a historic garden terrace
Wine Tasting Sample exquisite wines and olive oil guided by a wine expert

Inclusions and Important Information

Enjoy the exclusive San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner experience by indulging in a traditional Tuscan dinner, wine and olive oil tastings, and captivating guidance from a charismatic wine expert in the historic Terrazza Borgo Torciano. The inclusions and important information for this unique experience are as follows:

  1. Charismatic Hosts: Enjoy the company of engaging and knowledgeable hosts who’ll enhance your dining experience.

  2. Wine Pairings: Delight your taste buds with expertly curated wine pairings that complement each dish perfectly.

  3. Allergy Notifications: Notify the organizers in advance of any allergies or dietary restrictions to ensure a pleasant dining experience.

  4. No Children or Dogs: Please be aware that this experience is exclusively for adults and doesn’t accommodate children or pets.

Location and Directions

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of San Gimignano, the location for the private garden dinner offers a charming and serene atmosphere for guests to enjoy. The meeting point for this enchanting experience is at Via Crocetta 18, Loc. Ulignano – 53037 San Gimignano (SI) Italia. Guests can easily locate it using Google Maps for precise directions. The rustic elegance of the setting combined with the open-air dining on the Royal Terrace creates a magical ambiance. As attendees arrive at the designated meeting point, they will be enveloped in the beauty of Tuscany’s wine country, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening of fine dining and wine tasting.

Location Directions
Meeting point Via Crocetta 18, Loc. Ulignano – 53037 San Gimignano (SI) Italia
Google Maps Open in Google Maps

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

The reservation and cancellation policy for the San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner at the Royal Terrace offers flexibility and convenience for guests looking to secure their spot for this exclusive dining experience.

  1. Free Cancellation: Guests can cancel their reservation for free up to 24 hours in advance.

  2. Flexibility Options: The policy allows travelers to keep their travel plans flexible.

  3. Attire Recommendations: While no specific dress code is mentioned, guests may consider opting for smart-casual attire.

  4. Weather Contingency: The location may change based on weather conditions to ensure the best possible experience for diners.

With free cancellation, flexibility in travel plans, attire suggestions, and weather considerations, guests can book their dinner with peace of mind, knowing they’ve options available to accommodate changes.

Additional Information

With its rustic yet sophisticated ambiance, the San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner at the Royal Terrace promises a truly enchanting dining experience in the heart of Tuscany’s wine country. The wine selection at this exclusive venue boasts the oldest and continuous winery in Tuscany, ensuring a premium tasting experience.

Theres some good a seasonal menu crafted with fresh, local ingredients to showcase the flavors of the region. The setting at the historic Terrazza Borgo Torciano offers both indoor and outdoor dining options, providing comfort and flexibility to enjoy the meal in any season.

Plus, the atmosphere exudes a rural yet elegant charm, complemented by the guidance of a charismatic wine expert and the warmth of majestic fireplaces on cool evenings.

Frequently Asked Questions

San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner on Royal Terrace - Frequently Asked Questions

Can Guests Bring Their Own Wine to the Dinner?

Guests cannot bring their own wine to the dinner. The experience includes wine pairings guided by an expert. The venue does not allow BYOB due to its own wine selection. Corkage fee is not applicable.

Is There a Dress Code for the Dinner on the Royal Terrace?

There is no specific dress code mentioned for the dinner on the royal terrace. Guests are advised to wear attire suitable for an elegant yet relaxed setting. The experience caters to various food preferences and allergies upon notification.

Are There Vegetarian or Vegan Options Available for the Traditional Tuscan Dinner?

Vegetarian options and vegan alternatives are available for the traditional Tuscan dinner. Guests with dietary preferences can enjoy a flavorful meal in the historic setting. The experience caters to a variety of tastes.

Can Guests Request a Specific Seating Arrangement in the Garden?

Guests can request specific seating arrangements in the garden. They can also inform about dietary restrictions. The garden ambiance complements the custom menu experience, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable dining atmosphere under the Tuscan sky.

Is There a Minimum Number of Guests Required to Book the Private Garden Dinner Experience?

To book the private garden dinner experience, there is no minimum number of guests required. The booking accommodates groups of up to 4 individuals. Enjoy an intimate evening with stunning views and delicious Tuscan cuisine.

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Final Words

Experience the magic of Tuscany at the San Gimignano Private Garden Dinner on Royal Terrace. Indulge in a traditional Tuscan dinner, wine tastings, and olive oil samplings in a historic setting surrounded by stunning vineyard views.

With indoor and outdoor dining options available, this exclusive experience promises a memorable evening of culinary delights and culture.

Book now for a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience in the heart of Italy’s wine country.

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