When the sun sets over Rome, a different kind of magic awakens the city. But did you know that a Rome by Night Tour not only lets you explore iconic landmarks illuminated in a whole new light but also treats you to authentic Italian pizza and gelato?

Imagine savoring a slice of pizza in the shadows of the Colosseum before wandering through ancient streets under the starlit sky. This experience offers a unique blend of history, cuisine, and culture that will undoubtedly leave you craving more.

Just The Basics

Rome by Night Tour With Pizza and Gelato - Just The Basics

  • Explore enchanting Rome at night with small-group tours.
  • Indulge in delicious pizza, gelato, and Italian cuisine.
  • Visit iconic landmarks like the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain.
  • Immerse in history, culture, and culinary delights on this memorable tour.

Tour Highlights

Rome by Night Tour With Pizza and Gelato - Tour Highlights

Discover the enchanting beauty of Rome at night with a small-group tour that includes savoring delicious pizza and gelato while exploring iconic illuminated landmarks.

The nighttime ambiance of Rome adds a magical touch to the experience as visitors are guided through the city’s ancient sites like the Colosseum and Pantheon.

The tour also entails a leisurely stroll through Piazza Navona, offering a glimpse of its stunning fountains under the moonlight.

Culinary delights await participants at a Roman restaurant, where they can indulge in authentic Italian pizza before heading to the Trevi Fountain for a sweet treat of gelato.

This unique combination of sightseeing and gastronomic pleasures promises a memorable evening in the heart of Rome.

Inclusions and Logistics

Rome by Night Tour With Pizza and Gelato - Inclusions and Logistics

Interested in joining the Rome by Night Tour? Let’s explore the inclusions and logistics for this captivating experience.

  • Inclusions:

    1. Professional English-speaking Driver/escort for a personalized experience.
    2. Small-group tour by minivan with a maximum of 8 participants for an intimate setting.
    3. Enjoy a meal with options like pizza or pasta, drinks, and authentic Italian gelato.
  • Logistics:

    1. Accessibility Options: Flexible choices for hotel pickup or meeting points.
    2. Meal Preferences: Indulge in a delicious meal including pizza or pasta, accompanied by refreshing drinks and gelato.
    3. Full refund available if canceled 24 hours in advance, ensuring peace of mind for travelers.

Customer Support Details

Rome by Night Tour With Pizza and Gelato - Customer Support Details

If you’re looking for assistance or have any questions regarding the Rome by Night Tour, Viator’s Help Center is readily available to provide comprehensive customer support. The Help Center offers assistance with bookings, FAQs for common queries, and can be accessed 24/7 online.

Whether you need guidance on the tour experience or recommendations for your evening in Rome, their support team is there to help. With Viator’s customer support, you can feel confident and informed about your upcoming adventure.

If you have any concerns or need clarification on any aspect of the tour, don’t hesitate to reach out to Viator through their contact options for prompt assistance and guidance.

Sample Menu and Reviews

Rome by Night Tour With Pizza and Gelato - Sample Menu and Reviews

The Rome by Night Tour offers a delightful sample menu featuring traditional Italian pizza or pasta paired with mouthwatering gelato, as reflected in its impressive average rating of 4.5 based on 676 reviews. Customers rave about the authentic flavors and the charming ambiance of dining under the Roman night sky.

  1. Food Options:

    • Traditional Italian Pizza or Pasta
    • Mouthwatering Gelato
  2. Customer Feedback:

    • ‘The pizza was the best I’ve ever had!’
    • ‘The gelato was a perfect sweet ending to the night.’
    • ‘The combination of delicious food and magnificent sights made this tour unforgettable.’

Pricing and Booking Information

Rome by Night Tour With Pizza and Gelato - Pricing and Booking Information

Discover the all-inclusive pricing details and secure your spot for the Rome by Night Tour with Pizza and Gelato starting from $234.33. The booking process is simple and can be done online through the Viator website using the unique product code: 8254P4.

Ensure availability by booking in advance, noting that the tour requires a minimum number of travelers to proceed. Flexible options for hotel pickup or meeting points are available, making it convenient for participants.

In case of any changes, a full refund is possible if canceled 24 hours before the tour. With pricing transparency and easy booking procedures, embark on this exciting half-day small-group tour for an unforgettable Roman night experience.

Additional Tour Information

Rome by Night Tour With Pizza and Gelato - Additional Tour Information

Set out on a journey through Rome’s enchanting night scenery and culinary delights with the Rome by Night Tour With Pizza and Gelato, where illuminated ancient sites and delectable Italian cuisine await.

  1. Local Cuisine: Indulge in authentic Italian flavors with a choice of pizza or pasta at a traditional Roman restaurant.

  2. Nighttime Exploration: Discover the magic of Rome after dark as you visit iconic landmarks like the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Trevi Fountain all beautifully lit up.

  3. Gelato Delight: Conclude your evening with a sweet treat of Italian gelato, a perfect way to end your night of sightseeing and dining.

Experience the best of Rome’s nighttime charm and flavors on this tour that promises a memorable blend of history, culture, and culinary delights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rome by Night Tour With Pizza and Gelato - Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Dress Code for the Rome by Night Tour?

For a night tour of Rome, there’s no strict dress code, but it’s wise to opt for comfortable attire and suitable footwear. Following cultural norms, dressing modestly is appreciated. Embrace the adventure in style!

Are There Any Restrictions on Photography During the Tour?

During the tour, participants are encouraged to capture the nighttime ambiance of Rome through photography. There are no specific restrictions on taking photos, allowing guests to preserve memorable moments of the illuminated ancient sites.

Can Children Participate in the Tour, and Is There a Minimum Age Requirement?

Children can participate in the tour, and no minimum age requirement is specified. It’s a family-friendly experience where youngsters can enjoy the sights and flavors of Rome by night alongside their parents, creating lasting memories together.

Are There Any Restroom Facilities Available During the Tour?

Restroom facilities are available during the tour for convenience. The tour ensures accessibility and comfort by providing necessary facilities. Participants can enjoy the experience worry-free, with convenient access to restrooms throughout the journey.

Is There a Specific Route That the Tour Follows, or Can Participants Request Specific Sites to Visit?

Participants can make special requests for a customized itinerary on the tour. While there is a set route that includes iconic sites, the guide is open to accommodating personal preferences, ensuring a tailored experience for each group.

Final Words

Rome by Night Tour With Pizza and Gelato - Final Words

Experience the magic of Rome at night on the ‘Rome by Night Tour With Pizza and Gelato.’

This small-group tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the city’s ancient sites under the twinkling night sky, while enjoying delicious pizza and gelato.

With a professional guide, inclusive offerings, and a comfortable setting, this tour ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

Don’t miss out on this enchanting journey through the heart of Rome!

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