Is it true that Procida’s hidden beaches can only be truly discovered through a local’s eyes?

Imagine being whisked away on a private boat tour, uncovering secluded coves and pristine shores that few travelers ever get to see.

The allure of untouched beauty awaits, where turquoise waters meet rugged cliffs, and the secrets of the island are yours to unravel.

But what else lies beyond these hidden gems?

Stay tuned to unravel the mysteries of Procida’s private beaches, waiting to be explored like a true local.

Just The Basics

Procida: Boat Tour, Private Secret Beaches... Like a Local! - Just The Basics

  • Discover exclusive secret beaches, sea caves, and historical monuments with a local guide.
  • Enjoy water activities like snorkeling, towable toys, and relaxing on an inflatable island.
  • Explore Procida’s unique culture and UNESCO heritage status in 2022.
  • Private group experience with snacks, beverages, and the option to dine onboard or at island restaurants.

Tour Highlights

Procida: Boat Tour, Private Secret Beaches... Like a Local! - Tour Highlights

What hidden gems and exciting adventures await you on the tour highlights of discovering Procida like a local?

The tour promises unique local experiences, unveiling hidden gems that only insiders know about. From secret spots to breathtaking beaches, you will have the chance to explore Procida in a way that traditional tours can’t offer.

Imagine stumbling upon historical monuments tucked away from the usual tourist paths or finding amazing viewpoints that showcase the island’s beauty in all its glory. These hidden gems are waiting to be discovered by those seeking a more authentic experience.

Get ready to be immersed in the local culture and uncover the treasures that make Procida a true gem of the Mediterranean.

Tour Description

Procida: Boat Tour, Private Secret Beaches... Like a Local! - Tour Description

Set out on a journey of coastal discovery and local immersion with the captivating Tour Description of exploring Procida like a local. This tour is tailored for families and small groups, offering a chance to experience the sea coasts through the eyes of a local.

Discover hidden gems like special beaches, sea caves, and unique fishing experiences that showcase the essence of Procida. The tour provides access to exclusive locations with a unique boat, allowing you to explore the capital of culture UNESCO 2022 in a truly authentic way.

From visiting fantastic beaches only reachable by sea to enjoying water games and relaxing on the inflatable island, this experience promises unforgettable local encounters and unparalleled coastal adventures.


Procida: Boat Tour, Private Secret Beaches... Like a Local! - Inclusions

Discover the enriching inclusions that await you on this exclusive local exploration experience. As you embark on this unforgettable journey around Procida’s captivating coasts, you will be equipped with top-notch snorkeling gear to explore the mesmerizing underwater world. Plus, get ready for some thrilling water adventures with towable toys that promise endless fun for you and your companions. Below is a glimpse of what awaits you:

Welcome Snack Snorkeling Gear
Beverage Towable Toys
Inflatable Island

With these fantastic inclusions, you are all set to explore the beauty of Procida’s hidden gems and have a truly immersive local experience.

Activity Details

Procida: Boat Tour, Private Secret Beaches... Like a Local! - Activity Details

Equipped with top-notch snorkeling gear and thrilling towable toys, participants in the private group snorkeling adventures around Procida’s coasts are in for an unforgettable adventure. Here are three key highlights of this experience:

  • Discover secret spots, beaches, historical monuments
  • Enjoy snorkeling, towable inflatable toys, and an inflatable island
  • Welcome snacks provided for a memorable journey

This 3-hour tour, led by English and Italian-speaking instructors, offers the chance to explore exclusive locations, including fantastic beaches accessible only by sea.

With a maximum of 5 adults per group, guests can enjoy the beauty of Procida while engaging in exciting water activities and uncovering hidden gems along the coastline.

Important Information

Procida: Boat Tour, Private Secret Beaches... Like a Local! - Important Information

Guests are kindly reminded to bring their passport or ID, comfortable shoes, a towel, beachwear, and water shoes for the private group snorkeling adventure around Procida’s stunning coasts. These items are essential for a comfortable and enjoyable experience exploring the secret spots, historical monuments, and beautiful viewpoints of the island.

While preparing for the tour, it’s important to note that baby strollers and carriages aren’t allowed on board. Ensuring you have the necessary personal items will help you make the most of your time on the boat tour, discovering special beaches, sea caves, and unique fishing experiences.

Reservation & Payment

Procida: Boat Tour, Private Secret Beaches... Like a Local! - Reservation & Payment

When planning your adventure around Procida’s stunning coasts, ensure a hassle-free experience by reserving your private group tour with flexible booking options and payment arrangements.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Flexible Options: Choose from various booking times and payment methods to suit your schedule.
  • Secure Spot: Guarantee your spot on the boat tour by reserving in advance with a simple payment process.
  • Peace of Mind: Enjoy free cancellation up to 24 hours before the tour, giving you flexibility in case plans change.

With these options in place, you can relax and look forward to a memorable exploration of Procida’s hidden gems without any worries about booking or securing your place.


Procida: Boat Tour, Private Secret Beaches... Like a Local! - Directions

Upon reaching Procida, contact the Captain ten minutes prior to your arrival to coordinate your departure for the private boat tour. The Captain will provide precise arrival instructions and confirm starting times for your adventure.

Ensure you’re ready with your group to board the boat promptly. Keep in mind that a fuel surcharge may apply. Remember to inquire about any additional costs for towing games, ice cream, or dining at island restaurants.

It’s essential to be prepared with any necessary items like passports/IDs, comfortable shoes, towels, and beachwear. Water shoes are recommended for certain activities.

Additional Costs

Procida: Boat Tour, Private Secret Beaches... Like a Local! - Additional Costs

As you plan your exclusive boat tour experience around Procida’s stunning coastlines, be aware that there may be additional costs for activities like towing games, enjoying ice cream, or dining at island restaurants.

  • Exploration options: Discover hidden coves and secret spots for an unforgettable adventure.

  • Dining choices: Indulge in delicious local cuisine at charming island restaurants with picturesque views.

  • Water activities: Engage in fun towing games and cool off with some delectable ice cream treats after a day of exploration.

These additional costs can enhance your experience and make your trip to Procida even more memorable. Make sure to budget for these extras to fully enjoy all the wonders this beautiful island has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Procida: Boat Tour, Private Secret Beaches... Like a Local! - Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Bring Our Own Food and Drinks on the Boat Tour?

Yes, guests can bring their own food and drinks on the boat tour. However, there are restrictions on alcohol consumption. The tour provides a welcome snack and beverage, and guests can also opt to dine onboard or at affiliated island restaurants for a fee.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Children to Participate in the Activities?

Child supervision is provided for safety during activities. Age restrictions vary per activity. Snorkeling requires a minimum age of 8, while towable toys have a minimum age of 10. Participants’ safety and enjoyment are prioritized throughout the tour.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Number of People Allowed on the Inflatable Island at One Time?

The inflatable island on the tour has a capacity limit of up to 5 people at a time. Group sizes are restricted to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Enjoy water games and relaxation on this unique feature.

Is There a Restroom on the Boat for Guests to Use During the Tour?

Restroom facilities are available onboard for guest comfort and accessibility during the tour. The boat ensures amenities like this to provide a relaxing experience. Visitors can easily access these facilities for their convenience while exploring.

Are There Any Special Safety Measures in Place for Snorkeling or Water Activities?

Safety regulations for snorkeling are strictly followed. All participants are provided with high-quality snorkeling gear. The instructor ensures everyone’s safety during water activities. Enjoy exploring the underwater world with peace of mind.

Final Words

Experience the magic of Procida like a local on a private boat tour that reveals hidden gems and secret beaches along the stunning coastline.

With activities like snorkeling, water games, and delicious meals at affiliated island restaurants, this tour offers a truly unforgettable experience for all.

Book now to learn about the charm of Procida and create lasting memories with your family or small group.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive adventure!

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