As the boat glides effortlessly through the azure waters surrounding Capri, guests are treated to a sensory feast of sights and sounds that rival even the most captivating postcard scenes. The gentle sea breeze whispers tales of ancient allure, enticing travelers to uncover the hidden gems nestled within this idyllic island.

But what awaits beyond the horizon is a secret waiting to be unveiled, a blend of opulence and tranquility that promises an experience unlike any other. Join the voyage to Capri with aperitif, where every wave carries the promise of adventure and relaxation intertwined in a tapestry woven by the Mediterranean Sea.

Just The Basics

Private Boat Tour to Capri With Aperitif - Just The Basics

  • Private boat tour to Capri includes skilled skipper, fuel, and refreshments.
  • Activities encompass cave exploration, swimming at Faraglioni, and local cuisine indulgence.
  • Additional costs may include Blue Grotto tickets, taxes, and cave entry fees.
  • Booking offers flexibility, rescheduling options, and a reserve now, pay later feature.

Tour Details

Private Boat Tour to Capri With Aperitif - Tour Details

Embark on an unforgettable private boat tour to Capri with aperitif, where you’ll explore the mesmerizing beauty of the island’s grottos and coastlines. This exclusive experience offers a unique way to discover the hidden gems of Capri while indulging in a delightful aperitif on board.

The tour includes a private boat, a skilled skipper to guide you through the stunning waters, fuel, beach towels, soft drinks, Prosecco, and a delectable aperitif snack. Plus, you’ll have access to snorkeling masks and floating tubes for a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear sea.

Enjoy the luxury of this private excursion as you cruise along the coast, taking in the breathtaking sights of the Blue Grotto, Green Grotto, White Grotto, and the iconic Faraglioni rock formations.


Private Boat Tour to Capri With Aperitif - Activities

Exploring the captivating caves and swimming at Faraglioni are just a couple of the exciting activities included in this private boat tour to Capri with aperitif. Guests will have the opportunity to discover hidden swimming spots along the stunning coastline of Capri, seeing the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean.

After a refreshing swim, travelers can indulge in the local cuisine during an aperitif onboard, savoring delicious Italian flavors while taking in the breathtaking views surrounding them. Whether it’s lounging on the deck, snorkeling in the vibrant marine life, or simply basking in the sun, this tour offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, making it an unforgettable experience for those seeking a luxurious day out at sea.

Additional Costs

Private Boat Tour to Capri With Aperitif - Additional Costs

Discover the additional costs associated with the private boat tour to Capri with aperitif, including expenses for the Blue Grotto ticket, taxes, lunch, and gratuities. Exploring caves such as the Blue Grotto might incur an additional fee for entry.

Lunch options aren’t included in the initial price, giving guests the flexibility to choose from various dining establishments on Capri. It’s advisable to budget for taxes, which could apply depending on the specific services provided during the tour.

Plus, gratuities for the skipper, crew, or any extra services availed of during the excursion are at the discretion of your. Considering these additional costs beforehand ensures a seamless and enjoyable private boat tour experience to Capri.

Important Information

Private Boat Tour to Capri With Aperitif - Important Information

For a smooth and fulfilling private boat tour experience to Capri, guests should take note of the essential information provided.

  • Safety Precautions: Ensure to follow the skipper’s instructions for a safe and enjoyable journey.

  • Local Cuisine: Don’t miss out on tasting some of the delicious local dishes and treats available on the island.

  • Departure Ports: Check the departure ports carefully to ensure you arrive at the correct location on time.

  • Cancellation Policy: Take note of the free cancellation policy, which allows changes up to 24 hours in advance for flexibility in your plans.

Booking Options

Private Boat Tour to Capri With Aperitif - Booking Options

Guests can secure their spot on the private boat tour to Capri by reserving now and paying later, offering flexibility in their travel plans. This booking option allows travelers to secure their desired date and time without an immediate payment, giving them peace of mind.

Plus, the tour provides rescheduling options, enabling guests to adjust their plans if needed. Payment flexibility is a key feature, as you can book their spot without any upfront costs, making it convenient for those planning their itinerary.


Navigating the realm of restrictions, certain individuals with specific health conditions or mobility concerns are advised to assess their suitability for the private boat tour to Capri.

  • Medical Conditions: Individuals with heart problems or epilepsy should reconsider participation.

  • Accessibility Concerns: Wheelchair users might face challenges due to the nature of the boat tour.

  • Safety First: Prioritize health and well-being when deciding to embark on this journey.

  • Alternative Options: Explore other activities in the region that might better accommodate specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Bring Our Own Food and Drinks on the Boat?

When enjoying a private boat tour, guests cannot bring their own food and drinks due to regulations. However, the tour may provide various beverage choices and aperitif snacks. Restrictions may apply concerning picnic options, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Is There a Restroom on the Boat?

Restroom availability is vital for comfort during tours, especially for longer durations. It eases privacy concerns and ensures a pleasant experience. Having a restroom onboard enhances the convenience for guests and makes the journey more enjoyable.

Are Children Allowed on the Private Boat Tour?

Children are welcome on the private boat tour. The tour offers child-friendly activities like swimming at Faraglioni and exploring Capri. However, there are age restrictions and certain tour restrictions, so it’s important to check for family accommodations before booking.

Can We Request a Specific Route or Itinerary for the Tour?

Guests can request custom routes for a personalized experience on the private boat tour. The itinerary includes exploring caves, swimming at Faraglioni, lunch at Marina Piccola, independent Capri exploration, and more. Enjoy a tailored journey with stunning views.

Is There a Photographer on Board to Capture Moments During the Tour?

The private boat tour offers photographer services to capture memorable moments. Guests can enjoy sunset photography opportunities. The onboard photographer ensures stunning shots throughout the journey, adding a professional touch to the experience.

Final Words

Experience the ultimate luxury with a private boat tour to Capri, where adventure meets relaxation in the stunning Mediterranean Sea. Indulge in complimentary amenities, explore iconic landmarks, and soak in the beauty of Capri’s crystal-clear waters.

With small group sizes for a personalized experience, this excursion promises a day filled with unforgettable moments. Book now and embark on a journey to discover the charm and allure of Capri like never before.

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