Embarking on a private boat tour of Capri is akin to stepping into a serene oasis away from the clamor of mass tourism. As the boat gently glides across the azure waters, guests are treated to panoramic views that whisper tales of ancient charm and natural beauty.

But what truly sets this experience apart? Stay tuned to discover the hidden gems and exclusive perks that await those seeking a truly personalized journey through the captivating island of Capri.

Just The Basics

Private Boat Tour of Capri - Just The Basics

  • Private boat tour of Capri away from crowds.
  • Stops at desired locations for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Onboard amenities include drinks, snacks, and entertainment.
  • Expert skipper and entrance ticket for Blue Grotto included.

Tour Details

Private Boat Tour of Capri - Tour Details

Set out on a private boat tour of Capri to revel in a serene and exclusive experience away from the usual crowds. Discover hidden coves perfect for snorkeling, where vibrant marine life awaits.

The tour showcases not only the natural beauty of the island but also the chance to indulge in local cuisine. Your journey includes stops at picturesque snorkeling spots, allowing you to explore the underwater world of Capri. Dive into turquoise waters equipped with provided gear and towels.

Enjoy the stunning surroundings while enjoying onboard amenities such as drinks, snacks, and entertainment. This excursion promises a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, making it an ideal way to experience the charm of Capri.


Private Boat Tour of Capri - Inclusions

Throughout the private boat tour of Capri, guests are treated to a range of inclusions designed to enhance their experience and ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment. Onboard amenities include bottled water, soda, and snacks to keep guests refreshed throughout the journey. Beach towels and snorkeling equipment are provided for those eager to explore the underwater world. A freshwater shower and Bluetooth stereo onboard add to the convenience and entertainment.

The expert skipper ensures a safe and enjoyable snorkeling experience, while an entrance ticket for the Blue Grotto is included in the package. Plus, hotel pick-up and drop-off are available for added convenience, making the entire experience hassle-free and memorable.

Logistics and Contact Information

As guests prepare for their private boat tour of Capri, they can easily locate the meeting point at Via Cristoforo Colombo, 80076 Capri NA, Italy, and set off for a day filled with adventure and relaxation.

Boat reservations can be made by contacting the tour operator via WhatsApp or iMessage for more information. Once the reservation is confirmed, guests will receive details about the skipper who’ll be in charge of the tour. Effective skipper communication is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience on the waters around Capri.

Remember that the activity concludes back at the meeting point, providing a convenient end to the day. Plus, the cancellation policy offers a full refund if canceled 24 hours in advance, providing peace of mind for guests.

Customer Reviews and Highlights

Private Boat Tour of Capri - Customer Reviews and Highlights

Guests overwhelmingly praise Captain Antonio for his friendliness, skill, and in-depth knowledge of Capri during the private boat tour. The tour guide’s expertise shines through, providing valuable insights and making the experience truly memorable.

Visitors highlight the clean and comfortable boat, catering to all age groups for a relaxing journey. The attention to detail in maintaining the boat’s cleanliness ensures a pleasant environment throughout the excursion. Customers appreciate the amenities and the overall comfort onboard, enhancing their enjoyment of the sights and activities.

Captain Antonio’s friendly demeanor and proficiency in navigating the waters of Capri contribute to a seamless and delightful tour experience, leaving guests with lasting memories of their time on the beautiful island.

Booking Information and Pricing

Private Boat Tour of Capri - Booking Information and Pricing

For detailed booking information and current pricing for the private boat tour of Capri, Viator manages the tour experience and provides essential terms and conditions for interested participants. When considering the private boat tour of Capri, comparative pricing and customer satisfaction are key factors to keep in mind.

Here are some important points to consider:

  • Product Code: 293728P1
  • Tour Price: Starting from $433.79
  • Managed By: Viator
  • High Recommendation: Tour experience highly recommended and likely to sell out.
  • Early Booking: Advised for a memorable and enjoyable boat tour of Capri.

Booking your spot early ensures you secure your place and can look forward to an unforgettable experience on the beautiful waters of Capri.


Private Boat Tour of Capri - Directions

Upon arriving at the designated meeting point on Via Cristoforo Colombo in Capri, visitors will find Pier 21 as the embarkation pier for the private boat tour. The boat rental for the tour offers a convenient departure near the pier for ferries, making it easily accessible.

Once onboard, guests can enjoy local cuisine, snacks, and beverages while cruising around the stunning waters of Capri. The expert skipper will guide the tour to desired locations for swimming and snorkeling, providing gear and towels for a seamless experience.

After a day of exploration, guests can relax on the boat, indulge in local delicacies, and soak in the breathtaking views before returning to the meeting point for drop-off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private Boat Tour of Capri - Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Restroom Onboard the Boat for Guests to Use During the Tour?

Yes, there is a restroom onboard the boat for guests to use during the tour. The comfort amenities include a freshwater shower, ensuring a pleasant experience. Visitors can relax and enjoy the trip worry-free.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Children to Participate in the Private Boat Tour of Capri?

Age restrictions for child participation in the private boat tour of Capri are typically specified by the tour operator. Most tours welcome children of all ages, ensuring a family-friendly experience for everyone to enjoy.

Can Guests Bring Their Own Food or Beverages Onboard the Boat During the Tour?

Guests cannot bring their own food or beverages onboard during the tour. However, the boat provides drink options like bottled water, soda, and snacks. Food restrictions apply to external items, but the tour ensures a variety of refreshments.

Is There a Minimum Number of Guests Required to Book the Private Boat Tour of Capri?

To book the private boat tour of Capri, there is no minimum number of guests required. Booking requirements are flexible, allowing for intimate experiences or group outings. Enjoy the beauty of Capri hassle-free!

Are There Any Opportunities for Fishing or Other Recreational Activities During the Tour?

During the tour, guests can enjoy fishing opportunities and partake in various recreational activities. The boat tour offers a chance to engage in fishing, swimming, snorkeling, and other fun-filled experiences, enhancing the overall adventure.

Final Words

Private Boat Tour of Capri - Final Words

Set out on a private boat tour of Capri for a luxurious and unforgettable experience exploring the stunning beauty of the island. With expert guidance, onboard amenities, and stops for swimming and snorkeling, guests are treated to a seamless and enriching adventure.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive escape from the crowds and learn about the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Book your private boat tour of Capri today for a truly exceptional exploration of the island’s treasures.

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