As the sun rises over the Bay of Naples, casting a golden hue on the rugged cliffs and azure waters below, the choice between Naples or Sorrento for the Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano Private Tour becomes more than just a geographical decision—it becomes a gateway to a world of enchanting beauty and cultural richness waiting to be explored.

With each twist and turn along the scenic coastal roads, travelers are beckoned to uncover hidden gems and enjoy the vibrant tapestry of Southern Italy. But what lies beyond these charming towns and picturesque vistas is a story waiting to unfold, a tale of tradition, gastronomy, and artistry that will captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression.

Just The Basics

Naples or Sorrento: Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano Private Tour - Just The Basics

  • Personalized private tour through Ravello, Amalfi, and Positano.
  • Memorable day filled with beauty, culture, and relaxation.
  • Scenic drive through Chiunzi pass with panoramic vistas.
  • Multilingual guidance, optional lunch, and local culture.

Tour Details

Naples or Sorrento: Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano Private Tour - Tour Details

Enjoy the enchanting journey of a private tour through Ravello, Amalfi, and Positano with exclusive access to the hidden gems of the Amalfi Coast.

When considering this exquisite experience, visitors can choose from various price options starting at €600 per group for up to 3 people. Plus, the tour offers accessibility features, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the wonders of the Amalfi Coast, as it’s wheelchair accessible.

This exclusive tour provides a unique opportunity to explore these stunning locations in comfort and style. With a focus on personalized experiences and attention to detail, guests can look forward to a memorable day filled with beauty, culture, and relaxation along the picturesque coastline.

Experience Itinerary

Naples or Sorrento: Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano Private Tour - Experience Itinerary

Set out on a captivating journey through the enchanting locations of Ravello, Amalfi, and Positano with a meticulously crafted experience itinerary that promises a day filled with culture and scenic delights.

  1. Ravello Walk: Begin your day with a leisurely stroll through the medieval streets of Ravello, taking in its historical charm and stunning views of the Amalfi Coast.

  2. Limoncello Tasting: Indulge in a delightful Limoncello tasting experience, savoring the flavors of this traditional Italian liqueur made from the finest Amalfi Coast lemons.

  3. Cultural Exploration: Enjoy the rich culture of the region as you explore the vibrant village of Positano, known for its colorful buildings cascading down the cliffs and its local artisan ceramics.


Naples or Sorrento: Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano Private Tour - Highlights

Visitors on the private tour of Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano can anticipate a scenic journey filled with cultural experiences and delightful surprises.

The highlights of this enchanting trip include a scenic drive through the picturesque Chiunzi pass, a leisurely stroll through Ravello’s medieval streets offering stunning views of the coastline, a visit to Amalfi’s impressive Sant’Andrea Cathedral, and an exploration of Positano’s vibrant and colorful village.

Plus, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional cuisine, savoring the flavors of the region, and indulge in a Limoncello tasting, experiencing the famous local liqueur firsthand.

The tour also includes a stop to admire local artisan ceramics, a glass of wine on the beach, and some free time in Sorrento for a perfect ending to a memorable day.


Naples or Sorrento: Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano Private Tour - Inclusions

Included in this private tour of Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano are hotel pickup and drop-off services, lasting a duration of 8 hours, with stops at Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Travelers can expect the following inclusions:

  1. Optional Lunch: Guests have the choice to enjoy a meal at the coast’s best restaurants (not included in the tour price).
  2. Multilingual Guidance: Benefit from an English-speaking driver or an Official Guide of Campania proficient in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, and German.
  3. Exclusions: The tour price doesn’t cover expenses for food, drinks, and tips, which should be considered beyond the booking fee.

These inclusions provide a comprehensive experience while exploring the beautiful Amalfi Coast.

Important Information

Naples or Sorrento: Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano Private Tour - Important Information

Ensuring a seamless experience, guests can anticipate the private tour of Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano to operate regardless of weather conditions. Weather precautions are taken to ensure safety, with the tour proceeding rain or shine. Safety tips will be provided throughout the journey to guarantee a secure and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Plus, learn about the local culture by exploring traditional cuisine, ceramic art, and indulging in Limoncello tasting. For those interested in shopping, don’t miss the opportunity to discover local artisan ceramics and unique souvenirs along the way.

Scenic Drive

Naples or Sorrento: Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano Private Tour - Scenic Drive

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Amalfi Coast as you embark on a scenic drive through the picturesque Chiunzi pass, offering panoramic vistas that will leave you in awe of the stunning landscapes that await your exploration.

The scenic drive will provide you with unparalleled scenic views and a memorable driving experience along the winding coastal roads. As you navigate through the Chiunzi pass, be prepared to witness the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea contrasting with the lush greenery of the cliffs.

The twists and turns of the road will add an element of excitement to your journey, making this drive an unforgettable part of your Amalfi Coast adventure.

Ravello Exploration

Naples or Sorrento: Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano Private Tour - Ravello Exploration

Navigating through Ravello’s enchanting medieval streets reveals a world steeped in history and charm, inviting travelers to uncover its hidden treasures and enjoy its timeless allure.

Ravello’s architecture showcases a blend of medieval and Moorish influences, with intricate details adorning its buildings, reflecting centuries of craftsmanship. The town’s coastal views are simply breathtaking, offering panoramic vistas of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea below.

As visitors meander through Ravello, they’re greeted by quaint squares, lush gardens, and historic villas that speak to the region’s rich cultural heritage. Whether admiring the ancient beauty of Villa Rufolo or savoring a moment of tranquility in the gardens of Villa Cimbrone, Ravello promises an unforgettable exploration of beauty and history.

Amalfi Coast Exploration

Naples or Sorrento: Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano Private Tour - Amalfi Coast Exploration

Strolling through the enchanting medieval streets of Ravello naturally leads to a desire to explore the stunning Amalfi Coast, where a tapestry of coastal beauty and cultural richness awaits.

  1. Coastal Cuisine: Indulge in the fresh flavors of the sea with dishes like lemon-infused seafood pasta or crispy fried anchovies, showcasing the region’s culinary expertise.

  2. Hidden Gems: Discover secluded coves and charming villages off the beaten path, where time seems to stand still and authentic Italian life unfolds.

  3. Local Artisan Markets: Explore quaint markets offering handcrafted ceramics, intricate lacework, and vibrant paintings, providing an opportunity to take home a piece of the Amalfi Coast’s artistic soul.

Set out on a journey filled with tantalizing tastes, hidden treasures, and artistic marvels along the picturesque Amalfi Coast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Naples or Sorrento: Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano Private Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Tour Accommodate Dietary Restrictions or Food Allergies?

The tour ensures dietary needs are met with customized menus and allergy accommodations. Guests can enjoy the experience without worry. The team caters to individual preferences, making every aspect of the journey delightful and inclusive.

Are There Opportunities for Swimming or Beach Time During the Tour?

Beach options and leisure activities are available on the tour for relaxation. Guests can enjoy swimming spots, unwind by the coast, and indulge in leisurely beach time. It’s a perfect blend of sightseeing and seaside enjoyment.

Is There a Minimum Number of Participants Required for the Tour to Operate?

For tour flexibility, this private tour experience does not require a minimum number of participants to operate, ensuring personalized attention and a tailored journey through Ravello, Amalfi, and Positano for an unforgettable day.

Are Entrance Fees to Attractions Included in the Tour Price?

Entrance fees to attractions are not included in the tour price. The tour inclusions cover hotel pickup and drop-off, stops at various locations, a duration of 8 hours, an optional lunch, and an English-speaking driver or guide.

Is There a Restroom Available on the Vehicle for the Duration of the Tour?

While enjoying the tour, guests can rest assured that a restroom is available on the vehicle, providing comfort throughout the journey. This amenity ensures a convenient and pleasant experience during the 8-hour excursion.

Final Words

Set out on a journey of a lifetime with the Ravello, Amalfi, & Positano Private Tour. Enjoy the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of Naples and Sorrento as you explore charming towns and coastal gems.

Indulge in local cuisine, savor Limoncello, and admire artisan crafts along the way. With hotel pickup and wheelchair accessibility, this 8-hour tour offers a truly enriching experience for those seeking to discover the hidden treasures of the Amalfi Coast.

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