Have you ever dreamt of exploring hidden treasures surrounded by the azure waters of the Mediterranean?

The ‘From Sorrento: Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour’ promises an exclusive adventure to these enchanting islands, where travelers can uncover the secrets of Procida and Ischia.

With a blend of culture, breathtaking landscapes, and personalized experiences, this tour is a gateway to unforgettable memories.

Let yourself be swept away by the allure of these Mediterranean gems, each offering a unique story waiting to be discovered.

Just The Basics

From Sorrento: Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour - Just The Basics

  • Discover the beauty of Phlegraean Archipelago islands on a private full-day boat tour from Sorrento.
  • Explore Procida’s charming Corricella village and Ischia’s highlights like the Aragonese Castle.
  • Enjoy a scenic sailing route, shopping in Procida, and optional stops at the Aragonese Castle.
  • Experience a relaxing day with a skipper, snacks, snorkeling gear, and hotel pick-up/drop-off included.

Tour Details

From Sorrento: Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour - Tour Details

Discover all the essential details of the Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour that promises an unforgettable adventure through the Phlegraean Archipelago islands.

This tour, priced from €1,300 to €1,170 per group of up to 8, offers a 7-hour exploration filled with local cuisine and breathtaking scenic views. With languages available in Italian and English, participants can enjoy highlights such as marveling at Corricella village, shopping in Procida, and viewing the Aragonese Castle.

The itinerary includes visits to Procida and Ischia Islands, optional stops at the Aragonese Castle and Lacco Ameno, and features a package inclusive of a skipper, fuel, snacks, fruit, music, snorkeling gear, and hotel pick-up/drop-off.

Not recommended for pregnant women or those with mobility impairments, this private group tour ensures a memorable experience.

Experience Description

From Sorrento: Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour - Experience Description

Navigating through the turquoise waters of the Phlegraean Archipelago islands, visitors on the Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour are treated to a captivating sailing experience filled with picturesque views and cultural discoveries. On this sailing adventure, guests can explore the beauty of the islands and beyond:

  • Discover the beauty of Phlegraean Archipelago islands
  • Sailing route from Sorrento to Procida with scenic views
  • Explore Procida’s Corricella village and Arthurs Island
  • Visit Ischia with stops at Aragonese Castle and Lacco Ameno

The itinerary promises island exploration at its finest, with stops at charming villages, historical sites, and breathtaking landscapes, making it a day filled with adventure and relaxation on the crystal-clear waters.

Important Information

From Sorrento: Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour - Important Information

As guests embark on the Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour, they are advised to come prepared with essential items such as sunglasses, a hat, swimwear, and a camera for a memorable experience on the turquoise waters of the Phlegraean Archipelago islands. Beach etiquette is essential when visiting these picturesque destinations, so remember to be respectful of the environment and follow local rules. Plus, exploring the islands wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the delicious local cuisine. Be sure to try traditional dishes like seafood pasta, fresh fish, and refreshing lemon granita to truly experience the flavors of the region. The table below provides a summary of the important information for a smooth and enjoyable tour:

What to Bring Not Allowed Dress Code
Sunglasses Explosives Beachwear recommended
Hat Fire-making items

Booking and Logistics

From Sorrento: Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour - Booking and Logistics

To streamline the booking process and ensure a seamless experience for guests, availability can be checked and reserved now with the option to pay later. Travelers can look forward to the following logistical details:

  • Payment Flexibility: Reserve now, pay later for convenience.
  • Meeting Point Communication: Details will be sent via Whatsapp for easy coordination.
  • Destination Fee: A nominal fee of 5€ per person is required in cash on-site.
  • Experience Enhancement: Get set for insider packing tips and local cuisine suggestions for a truly immersive adventure.

Booking this private full-day boat tour to Ischia and Procida promises an unforgettable experience filled with stunning views, delicious food, and hassle-free logistics.


From Sorrento: Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour - Directions

For a seamless journey to the captivating destinations of Ischia and Procida, guests will be guided by experienced captains who carefully monitor sea conditions for the utmost safety and enjoyment. Safety precautions are a top priority, ensuring a worry-free experience as visitors soak in the beauty of the Phlegraean Archipelago islands.

As the skilled captains navigate the waters, guests can relax and savor the anticipation of exploring the colorful Corricella village and indulging in the local cuisine of both Procida and Ischia. With routes adjusted based on sea conditions, travelers can rest assured that their day will be filled with picturesque views, delectable dishes, and memorable moments on these enchanting Italian islands.

Safety Measures

From Sorrento: Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour - Safety Measures

Guests onboard the private full-day boat tour to Ischia and Procida can rest assured that stringent safety measures are in place to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience on the stunning Phlegraean Archipelago islands.

  • Safety Precautions: Trained staff onboard to oversee safety protocols.
  • Emergency Procedures: Clear guidance and drills in case of unexpected situations.
  • Equipment Checklist: Regular checks on safety equipment like life jackets and fire extinguishers.
  • First Aid Kits: Well-equipped first aid kits readily available for any medical needs.


From Sorrento: Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour - Recommendations

With safety measures securely in place, the recommendations for the Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour enhance the overall experience for all adventurers.

Travelers are encouraged to indulge in the exquisite local cuisine found on both Ischia and Procida, seeing the authentic flavors of the region.

Exploring these islands offers a chance to uncover hidden gems off the usual tourist path, from quaint cafes serving freshly caught seafood to charming artisan shops filled with unique treasures.

Don’t miss the opportunity to savor traditional dishes like rabbit cacciatore or lemon-infused pasta, adding a flavorful touch to your maritime adventure.

Embrace the chance to discover these lesser-known spots for an unforgettable day on the water.

Additional Services

From Sorrento: Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour - Additional Services

Enhance your Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour experience with exclusive additional services tailored to elevate your day on the water.

  • Snorkeling adventures: Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Ischia and Procida to discover underwater marvels.
  • Local cuisine tasting: Indulge in the flavors of the region with a curated tasting experience onboard.
  • Professional photography: Capture unforgettable moments with a professional photographer to document your day.
  • Personalized music playlist: Set the mood with a customized music selection to accompany you on your journey.

Let these additional services add an extra touch of luxury and enjoyment to your already extraordinary boat tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

From Sorrento: Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Specific Restrictions on Bringing Food or Drinks on the Boat Tour?

When it comes to food restrictions and drink regulations on the boat tour, guests can bring their own beverages and snacks. However, it’s advised to avoid bringing any alcoholic beverages or messy foods for a smooth sailing experience.

Can We Bring Our Own Music to Play During the Boat Tour?

Guests can bring their own music preferences to enhance the boat tour experience. Sharing playlists is encouraged, adding a personalized touch to the journey. Enjoy the scenic views with your favorite tunes, creating a memorable and enjoyable trip.

Is There a Restroom on the Boat for Guests to Use During the Tour?

Yes, there is a restroom available on the boat for guests to use during the tour. The refreshment policy includes snacks, fruit, and music provided onboard. Guests can enjoy the tour comfortably with these amenities.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participants on the Private Boat Tour?

Age restrictions are in place due to safety concerns. Participants must meet tour requirements to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. The tour operator will provide specific guidelines regarding age limits and any necessary participant logistics.

Is There a Minimum Number of Participants Required for Booking the Private Boat Tour?

For the private boat tour from Sorrento to Ischia & Procida, there is no minimum group size required. This private tour offers exclusivity and flexibility, accommodating groups of all sizes for a personalized and enjoyable experience.

Final Words

Set out on a journey of a lifetime with the ‘From Sorrento: Ischia & Procida Private Full-Day Boat Tour’. Explore the beauty of the Phlegraean Archipelago islands, from the charming Corricella village to the majestic Aragonese Castle.

With shopping in Procida and snorkeling stops, this tour offers a personalized and intimate experience for up to 8 guests. Book now for a seamless adventure filled with unforgettable memories in the enchanting Sorrento region.

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