Set out on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Sila National Park with a day trip from Pizzo that promises a perfect blend of adventure and tranquility.

As travelers set out to explore the wonders of this natural haven, they are treated to more than just a mere sightseeing experience.

The tour weaves together elements of nature and culture, offering a unique opportunity to connect with the serene surroundings in a meaningful way.

But what truly awaits participants beyond the picturesque vistas and picnic lunch is a surprise that will make this day trip an unforgettable memory.

Just The Basics

From Pizzo: Sila National Park Day Trip With Picnic Lunch - Just The Basics

  • Experience nature and culture in Sila National Park
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch with Italian cuisine in serene surroundings
  • Explore Lorica and take a boat ride on Lake Arvo
  • Hassle-free adventure with private guide, transfers, and all essentials included

Tour Details

From Pizzo: Sila National Park Day Trip With Picnic Lunch - Tour Details

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the Sila National Park on a day trip complete with a delightful picnic lunch. As part of the tour details, you will have the opportunity to indulge in delicious Italian cuisine during the picnic amidst the stunning natural beauty of the park.

With the Italian-speaking live tour guide, visitors can explore the park’s wonders and capture mesmerizing moments through nature photography. The day trip, priced from $1,343.54 per group of up to 3, offers a 10-hour adventure for a limited group of 7.

Wheelchair accessibility ensures inclusivity, while free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance provides flexibility. Reserve now to secure a spot for this immersive experience in Sila National Park.


From Pizzo: Sila National Park Day Trip With Picnic Lunch - Itinerary

Upon arrival at Lake Cecita, visitors will begin their journey through the Sila National Park’s captivating landscapes on a guided tour. The itinerary includes stops at various points of interest, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of the park’s beauty.

Highlights of the Itinerary:

  1. Picnic Spots: At 1:30 pm, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a delightful picnic in nature, surrounded by the park’s serene ambiance.

  2. Nature Exploration: Following the picnic, the tour will proceed to Lorica, offering a chance to delve deeper into the park’s natural wonders.

  3. Boat Ride on Lake Arvo: At 2:30 pm, a scenic boat ride on Lake Arvo provides a unique perspective of the park’s landscape, enhancing the nature exploration experience.

Embark on this journey to learn about the tranquility and splendor of Sila National Park.


From Pizzo: Sila National Park Day Trip With Picnic Lunch - Inclusions

With a private guide, entrance fees, taxes, transfers, gas, and food and drinks included, this Sila National Park day trip promises a hassle-free and enriching experience for up to 3 participants.

The private guide will lead the way, offering insights and knowledge about the park, ensuring a personalized and informative journey. Entrance fees are covered, granting seamless access to the various attractions within the park without any additional costs.

Participants can relax and enjoy the surroundings, knowing that all logistical aspects, like transfers and gas, are taken care of. The inclusion of food and drinks means that travelers can savor a delicious picnic lunch amidst the natural beauty of Sila National Park, enhancing the overall experience.

Additional Information

For a seamless and immersive experience in Sila National Park, all entrance fees and a street food stop are included in the total cost of the day trip. When planning to visit this stunning location, keep the following in mind:

  1. Accessibility: Sila National Park is wheelchair accessible, ensuring that individuals of all mobility levels can enjoy the beauty of the park without limitations.

  2. Group Size: Limited to 7 participants, this small group experience allows for personalized attention from the Italian-speaking live tour guide and fosters a more intimate exploration of the park’s wonders.

  3. Inclusions: From private guide services to food and drinks, the day trip covers all essential aspects, guaranteeing a hassle-free and enjoyable adventure in Sila National Park.


Enjoy the convenience of securing your spot for the Sila National Park Day Trip with Picnic Lunch by checking availability and reserving now for a hassle-free adventure.

When booking, travelers can opt for the ‘reserve now & pay later’ option, ensuring peace of mind. Payment options are flexible, allowing for easy transactions. Plus, group discounts may be available, making it a perfect choice for families or friends looking to explore together.

The reservation process is straightforward, with a simple online form to fill out. Rest assured, the tour guide leading this adventure is a qualified Italian-speaking professional, ensuring an informative and engaging experience throughout the journey.

Secure your place today for a memorable day in the stunning Sila National Park.


In this note, visitors are reminded to check the availability of starting times before securing their spot for the Sila National Park Day Trip with Picnic Lunch. The tour offers accessibility for disabled individuals and ensures a small group experience in the picturesque Sila National Park.

When preparing for this adventure, guests should keep in mind the following:

  1. Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible paths allow all participants to enjoy the beauty of Sila National Park.
  2. Group Size: Limited to 7 participants, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience.
  3. Guide Assistance: Italian-speaking live tour guide available to provide detailed information and enhance the exploration.

Enjoy the wonders of Sila National Park, where every detail is designed to make your experience unforgettable.


As visitors prepare to embark on the Sila National Park Day Trip with Picnic Lunch, they can orient themselves by following the detailed directions provided for this adventure. Map directions are conveniently laid out, ensuring a smooth journey from Pizzo to the picturesque Sila National Park.

Travelers are advised to pack essentials like sunscreen, hats, comfortable walking shoes, and a camera to capture the stunning natural beauty along the way. The route includes stops at Lake Cecita, Cupone Visitor Center, Lorica, and Lake Arvo, offering a diverse and enriching experience.

With the guidance of the Italian-speaking live tour guide, you will navigate through the park effortlessly, soaking in the sights and sounds of this unique destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear for the Sila National Park Day Trip?

For the Sila National Park day trip, pack essentials like comfortable shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and water. Consider the weather; bring layers for varying temperatures. Enjoy the picnic in nature with suitable attire for outdoor activities.

Are There Any Specific Dietary Restrictions That Can Be Accommodated for the Picnic Lunch?

For the picnic lunch on the Sila National Park day trip, the guide offers vegan and gluten-free options to accommodate dietary restrictions, allergies, and food preferences. Participants can enjoy a diverse and inclusive culinary experience.

Is There a Restroom Available During the Boat Ride on Lake Arvo?

Restroom availability during the boat ride on Lake Arvo is limited. Participants are advised to use facilities before boarding. Boat ride restrictions may apply for those with mobility issues. Please plan accordingly for a comfortable experience.

Can I Bring My Own Snacks or Drinks for the Day Trip?

Yes, guests can bring their own snacks and drinks for the day trip. However, please be mindful of any dietary restrictions. Packing essentials such as water, fruits, and light snacks will enhance the experience during the Sila National Park adventure.

Are There Any Recommended Activities or Attractions Near Sila National Park That I Can Visit After the Tour?

Near Sila National Park, visitors can explore the charming town of Lorica for local cuisine delights and street food. Outdoor enthusiasts can embark on wildlife spotting adventures or enjoy water activities at Lake Arvo post-tour.

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Final Words

From Pizzo: Sila National Park Day Trip With Picnic Lunch - Final Words

Embark on the Sila National Park Day Trip from Pizzo for an unforgettable adventure filled with nature, culture, and relaxation.

With a personalized tour guide, inclusive options, and a delightful picnic lunch, this 10-hour excursion promises a comprehensive experience for all.

Explore the scenic beauty of Sila National Park and learn about its wonders.

Book now to discover the hidden gems of this spectacular destination.

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