Winding along the Amalfi Coast is like tracing the delicate strokes of a masterpiece, each curve revealing a new layer of beauty waiting to be uncovered.

Imagine yourself perched on the edge of this scenic wonderland, with the sun-kissed cliffs and sparkling sea stretching out before you.

But what lies beyond this picturesque facade? Explore the allure of this renowned coastline from the comfort of a private tour departing from Naples or Sorrento, where every corner turned promises a fresh glimpse into the enchanting world of the Amalfi Coast.

Just The Basics

From Naples or Sorrento: Private Trip Along the Amalfi Coast - Just The Basics

  • Exclusive 8-hour private tour along the Amalfi Coast from Naples or Sorrento.
  • Capture scenic beauty, savor local cuisine, and explore charming towns.
  • Small group experience with up to 7 participants for an intimate journey.
  • Flexible booking with free cancellation and payment at a later date for peace of mind.

Trip Details

From Naples or Sorrento: Private Trip Along the Amalfi Coast - Trip Details

Discover the exclusive trip details for a private excursion along the stunning Amalfi Coast. This immersive experience offers a deep dive into the region’s local cuisine and unrivaled scenic views. Travelers can indulge in traditional dishes while marveling at the breathtaking landscapes that characterize this coastal paradise.

The tour, priced from €850 per group of up to 7, spans 8 hours of exploration in Italian or English. Enjoy the convenience of free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, with inclusions like round trip transportation, a knowledgeable guide, and entrance fees to monuments.

Enjoy the charm of the Amalfi Coast while savoring delicious local fare and taking in the picturesque vistas that await at every turn.

Booking Information

From Naples or Sorrento: Private Trip Along the Amalfi Coast - Booking Information

When booking this private trip along the Amalfi Coast, travelers can reserve their spot now and pay later, allowing for flexibility in their travel plans. This unique booking feature enables visitors to secure their experience without immediate payment, making it easier to manage their budget and itinerary. The flexible booking option lets you plan ahead and pay at a later date, giving you peace of mind and assurance for your upcoming adventure.

Flexible Booking Payment Options
Reserve now Pay later
Plan without stress Manage budget
Secure spot Convenient

Experience Highlights

From Naples or Sorrento: Private Trip Along the Amalfi Coast - Experience Highlights

Set out on a journey along the Amalfi Coast to explore charming towns like Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello while enjoying a picturesque drive along the stunning coastline.

Here are some experience highlights to look forward to:

  1. Scenic Photography Opportunities: Capture the beauty of the rugged cliffs, azure waters, and colorful buildings that characterize the Amalfi Coast.

  2. Local Cuisine Exploration: Indulge in traditional Italian dishes like fresh seafood pasta or limoncello while enjoying the authentic flavors of the region.

  3. Charming Town Visits: Wander through the narrow streets of Positano, admire the historic architecture of Amalfi, and explore the gardens of Ravello.

  4. Pickup Convenience: Enjoy the ease of being picked up from your hotel in Naples or Sorrento, the Port of Naples, or near train stations for a seamless travel experience.

Tour Description

From Naples or Sorrento: Private Trip Along the Amalfi Coast - Tour Description

With a private car and driver at your service, explore the captivating beauty of the Amalfi Coast and its enchanting surroundings. This exclusive trip allows you to explore the dramatic landscapes of Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello, offering breathtaking views of the coastline at every turn.

As you wind along the picturesque roads, be prepared to be mesmerized by the stunning vistas that unfold before you. Enjoy the local culture and savor the authentic flavors of the region with opportunities to indulge in delicious local cuisine.

This personalized journey ensures a memorable experience filled with beauty, flavor, and the charm of the Amalfi Coast.

Participant Information

From Naples or Sorrento: Private Trip Along the Amalfi Coast - Participant Information

Up to seven participants can join this private trip along the Amalfi Coast, seeing the beauty and charm of the region.

  • Date Selection: Participants can select the date for their trip based on availability.
  • Group Size: Limited to a maximum of seven participants, ensuring an intimate experience.
  • Flexibility: The trip allows for a more personalized experience due to the small group size.
  • Availability: Participants should check for available dates to secure their spot on this exclusive excursion.


Navigating the picturesque route along the Amalfi Coast is a delightful experience that offers stunning views at every turn. Travelers embarking on this journey are in for a treat with the scenic routes that wind along the cliffside, revealing the azure waters below and the charming villages perched on the hillsides.

Along the way, visitors can indulge in the local cuisine, savoring fresh seafood dishes, homemade pasta, and refreshing limoncello. The Amalfi Coast isn’t only a feast for the eyes but also a culinary delight for those looking to experience authentic Italian flavors.

Whether starting from Naples or Sorrento, the drive promises an unforgettable adventure filled with beauty and gastronomic pleasures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tour Suitable for Children or Elderly Participants?

The tour along the Amalfi Coast is suitable for children and elderly participants. Accommodations include a private car with a driver, making it accessible and comfortable for all ages. The captivating views and scenic drive cater to diverse travelers.

Are There Any Opportunities for Shopping or Souvenir Purchases During the Trip?

During the trip along the Amalfi Coast, travelers can explore local crafts and artisan products at charming shops in towns like Positano, Amalfi, or Ravello. Unique souvenirs, such as ceramics, limoncello, and handmade jewelry, await discovery.

Are There Any Additional Costs or Optional Activities Not Included in the Tour Price?

Extra expenses or optional activities not included in the tour price may involve personal shopping, additional food or drinks beyond what’s provided, or entrance tickets to attractions not covered. Tour inclusions encompass transportation, guide services, and meals.

Can Special Dietary Restrictions or Preferences Be Accommodated for Meals Included in the Tour?

Special dietary restrictions like vegetarian options are accommodated. Allergies are considered when customizing menus to suit food preferences. The tour ensures that participants with specific dietary needs can enjoy meals included without worry along the Amalfi Coast journey.

Is There a Restroom Available on the Private Car for the Duration of the Trip?

Restroom availability ensures travel comfort on the private car. Participants can enjoy the scenic drive along the Amalfi Coast without worries. The convenience of an onboard restroom adds to the overall experience of exploring Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello.

Final Words

Enjoy the beauty of the Amalfi Coast on a private trip departing from Naples or Sorrento.

With convenient round trip transportation, professional guides, and the flexibility of free cancellation, this exclusive experience promises an unforgettable adventure.

Explore charming towns, marvel at dramatic cliffs, and indulge in local cuisine worry-free.

Discover the magic of this UNESCO World Heritage Site on a personalized and luxurious excursion tailored to your preferences.

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