Unbeknownst to many, nestled in the rolling hills of Tuscany lies an exclusive full-day private tour from Florence that unveils the charm of Chianti and San Gimignano in a truly unique way.

Imagine savoring the finest Tuscan wines amidst vineyard-covered landscapes and exploring medieval towns that seem frozen in time. But this journey offers more than just picturesque vistas; it promises a day filled with culinary delights, cultural insights, and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Get ready to learn about the essence of these enchanting destinations and create unforgettable memories that will linger long after the tour ends.

Just The Basics

Florence: Full-Day Private Tour of Chianti and San Gimignano - Just The Basics

  • Explore Chianti vineyards and charming towns for a cultural and culinary journey.
  • Immerse in San Gimignano’s UNESCO site and savor award-winning gelato.
  • Enjoy personalized attention and insights from passionate guide Valter.
  • Indulge in wine tastings, Tuscan lunch, and a full day of enriching experiences.

Tour Details

Florence: Full-Day Private Tour of Chianti and San Gimignano - Tour Details

Embark on the Florence: Full-Day Private Tour of Chianti and San Gimignano for a delightful journey through the heart of Tuscany. This tour offers an immersive experience into the region’s local cuisine and cultural insights.

Travelers can indulge in the rich flavors of Chianti wines, savoring the essence of the vineyards. The tour includes visits to charming towns like Greve and Montefioralle, where guests can taste traditional cold cuts and gain cultural insights into the Tuscan way of life.

Plus, the wine tastings at Antinori’s Badia di Passignano provide a deeper appreciation for the region’s winemaking heritage. Culminate the day with an exploration of San Gimignano, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and enjoy award-winning gelato at Gelateria di Piazza.

Activity Highlights

What delightful experiences await you on this private tour of Chianti and San Gimignano?

Get ready to indulge in a variety of activities that will tantalize your senses. Begin by strolling through the charming town of Greve and savoring delicious cold cuts.

Next, visit the picturesque village of Montefioralle before enjoying the world of Chianti wines with a memorable wine tasting at Antinori’s Badia di Passignano.

The journey continues as you explore the medieval hilltop town of San Gimignano and cap off your day with a taste of award-winning gelato at Gelateria di Piazza.

These highlights promise a day filled with cultural experiences, culinary delights, and unforgettable moments.

Customer Reviews

Florence: Full-Day Private Tour of Chianti and San Gimignano - Customer Reviews

Among the glowing testimonials from satisfied customers, Valter, the tour guide, emerges as a standout highlight of the private tour of Chianti and San Gimignano. Visitors consistently praise Valter’s expertise and his ability to make the wine tastings an unforgettable experience. Here are some emotional aspects highlighted in the reviews:

  • Valter’s passion for the region and its wines shines through, enhancing the tour.

  • Customers feel like they’re discovering hidden gems thanks to Valter’s insightful commentary.

  • The personalized attention Valter provides creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Visitors appreciate how Valter’s storytelling brings the history of Chianti and San Gimignano to life, making the tour both educational and engaging.

Reservation Information

To secure your spot on the Full-Day Private Tour of Chianti and San Gimignano, check availability and make your reservation today for an unforgettable Tuscan experience. For added flexibility, reservations can be made now with the option to pay later. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a free cancellation policy allowing changes up to 24 hours before the tour. This ensures that you can plan your trip with confidence, knowing you have the freedom to adjust your schedule if needed. Embrace the beauty of the Tuscan countryside and the delights of Chianti wines without worrying about last-minute changes. Reserve your place now and get ready for a day filled with memorable experiences.

Flexibility Options Cancellation Policy
Reserve now, pay later Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance

Tour Description

Set out on a captivating journey through the picturesque landscapes and renowned vineyards of Chianti and San Gimignano on this immersive full-day private tour from Florence. Guests will:

  • Indulge in delightful wine tastings amidst the rolling vineyards
  • Savor a traditional Tuscan lunch filled with local flavors and ingredients
  • Immerse themselves in the UNESCO World Heritage site of San Gimignano
  • Explore charming towns like Greve and Montefioralle, experiencing the true essence of Tuscany.

This tour promises a perfect blend of cultural exploration, culinary delights, and scenic beauty, offering a memorable and enriching experience for all participants. Get ready to be swept away by the magic of the Tuscan countryside on this unforgettable adventure.

Pricing and Inclusions

Discover the enticing array of inclusions and pricing details for the captivating full-day private tour of Chianti and San Gimignano departing from Florence.

For a starting price of $861.89 per group of up to 7 people, guests can indulge in a 9-hour journey filled with enriching experiences. This tour encompasses hotel pickup and drop-off, a private driver/guide fluent in English and Italian, comfortable transportation, refreshing water, essential tissues, delectable food and drinks including local cuisine, delightful wine tastings, a sumptuous lunch, and gratuities.

Enjoy the flavors of Chianti with wine tasting sessions and savor the richness of the region’s local cuisine throughout the day. This package guarantees a day of culinary exploration and wine appreciation in the heart of Tuscany.

Itinerary Details

Explore the picturesque countryside of Chianti and San Gimignano with a full-day private tour departing from Florence, enjoying a journey filled with cultural discoveries and culinary delights. The itinerary is thoughtfully crafted to uncover hidden gems and tantalize your taste buds with local cuisine, creating an unforgettable experience.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Discover charming villages off the beaten path
  • Indulge in authentic Tuscan dishes paired with renowned wines
  • Uncover the secrets of ancient wineries
  • Savor delectable gelato in a cozy gelateria

Embark on this adventure to explore the essence of Tuscany, from its rolling hills to its delectable flavors, with every moment designed to leave you enchanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Special Dietary Restrictions Be Accommodated for Lunch During the Tour?

Special dietary accommodations can be arranged for lunch during the tour. The tour operator is flexible and can cater to various food options and restrictions. Guests can enjoy a personalized dining experience while exploring Chianti and San Gimignano.

Are There Any Additional Costs for Entrance Fees to the Sites Visited During the Tour?

Entrance fees to all sites are included in the tour, ensuring transparent pricing. Guests can enjoy the experience without worrying about hidden costs. The tour inclusions cover all expenses, providing a hassle-free exploration of Chianti and San Gimignano.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Participants on This Tour?

There are no age restrictions for participants on this child-friendly tour. Families can enjoy the day exploring Chianti and San Gimignano together. The tour ensures an inclusive experience, catering to all ages and interests.

Are Restroom Facilities Readily Available Throughout the Tour Route?

Restroom availability is ensured throughout the tour route. Lunch accommodations are conveniently arranged, providing a seamless experience for guests. Participants can enjoy the sights and tastes of Chianti and San Gimignano worry-free.

Is There Free Time Allotted for Shopping or Exploring on Our Own During the Tour?

Yes, there is free time during the tour for shopping options and exploring on their own. Guests can wander through charming villages, visit local shops, and soak up the Tuscan atmosphere at their leisure.

Final Words

Indulge in the beauty and flavors of Chianti and San Gimignano on this exclusive private tour from Florence. With a knowledgeable guide by your side, you’ll explore charming villages, enjoy wine tastings, and learn about the rich culture of Tuscany.

From award-winning gelato to historic landmarks, this meticulously crafted excursion offers a truly unforgettable experience. Book your luxury journey today and uncover the essence of these enchanting Italian destinations.

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