Joining Cesarine’s Pasta & Tiramisu Class in Milan offers a unique opportunity to take in the art of Italian cuisine within a local’s home setting. Participants can expect to not only learn the traditional techniques of crafting pasta and tiramisu but also gain insights into the cultural significance of these dishes. This experience goes beyond just cooking, providing a window into the culinary heritage of Milan. The combination of hands-on learning and local expertise ensures a memorable and authentic encounter with Italian gastronomy.

Just The Basics

Cesarine: Pasta & Tiramisu Class at Locals Home in Milan - Just The Basics

  • Enjoy personalized pasta and tiramisu-making class in a local’s home.
  • Taste your creations paired with local wines.
  • Learn authentic Italian culinary traditions in Milan.
  • Convenient location near public transportation.
  • Experience a welcoming and educational atmosphere with Cesarine.

Experience Description

Cesarine: Pasta & Tiramisu Class at Locals Home in Milan - Experience Description

Set out on a culinary journey in Milan by participating in a private pasta and tiramisu-making class with Cesarine.

This immersive Italian culinary experience offers a unique opportunity to learn the art of crafting traditional pasta and the famous dessert, tiramisu, guided by a local host.

The class is personalized for your group, ensuring hands-on learning and a tailored experience.

As you create these iconic dishes, you’ll also have the chance to taste your creations paired with local wines, enhancing the flavors and enjoyment of the experience.

This private cooking class promises not only a delicious meal but also insights into Italian culinary traditions, making it a memorable and educational experience for all participants.


Participants in the private pasta and tiramisu-making class with Cesarine can expect a selection of beverages provided, including water, wines, and coffee.

The experience includes a private session where guests will learn the art of crafting authentic Italian pasta and the classic dessert, tiramisu.

After the hands-on cooking lesson, you will have the opportunity to taste the delicious pasta dishes and the decadent tiramisu they’ve prepared.

This inclusive package ensures that guests not only learn how to make these iconic Italian dishes but also get to savor the fruits of their labor with a variety of beverages to complement the meal.

It’s a comprehensive culinary experience that combines learning, creating, and indulging in the heart of Milan.

Logistics and Information

Cesarine: Pasta & Tiramisu Class at Locals Home in Milan - Logistics and Information

Upon booking the private pasta and tiramisu class with Cesarine in Milan, guests will receive a confirmation detailing the logistics and additional information for the culinary experience.

The class location is conveniently situated near public transportation for easy access. To ensure a safe environment, health and safety measures are strictly followed during the activity.

This private tour offers a personalized experience for participants, allowing for an immersive Italian culinary journey. Plus, the cancellation policy details will be provided in the confirmation, offering flexibility to guests.

With a focus on creating a welcoming and educational atmosphere, Cesarine ensures that guests have all the necessary information to enjoy their pasta and tiramisu-making experience to the fullest.


Cesarine: Pasta & Tiramisu Class at Locals Home in Milan - Reviews

Guests on Viator and Tripadvisor have shared positive feedback about their experience with Cesarine in Milan, praising the hosts, the engaging cooking session, and the warm ambiance provided.

Reviews highlighted the welcoming atmosphere, with guests particularly enjoying the interactive pasta-making and tiramisu preparation. The hosts were commended for their hospitality and knowledge, creating an educational yet fun culinary experience.

Guests appreciated the opportunity to taste their creations, along with local wines and homemade limoncello, adding to the overall enjoyment of the class. The positive reviews indicate that the personalized nature of the experience, combined with the delicious dishes prepared, left visitors with a lasting and memorable impression of their time spent with Cesarine in Milan.

Booking and Pricing

To secure a spot in the Cesarine Pasta & Tiramisu Class in Milan, interested you can check availability and select their preferred date and number of travelers. The experience is priced starting at $159.99, with a lowest price guarantee.

Participants benefit from a free cancellation option up to 24 hours before the class, providing flexibility. Plus, there’s a reserve now and pay later option available, making it convenient for those planning ahead. By booking, guests receive a confirmation ensuring their reservation.

This culinary opportunity offers a personalized and immersive Italian cooking experience led by a local host, promising a memorable time creating and tasting traditional dishes in a welcoming environment.

Beverages Provided

Beverages such as water, wines, and coffee are provided during the Cesarine Pasta & Tiramisu Class in Milan. Guests can enjoy a selection of beverages to complement their culinary experience.

The water serves as a refreshing accompaniment to the cooking process, ensuring hydration throughout the class.

Plus, a variety of local wines are available to enhance the tasting session, allowing participants to savor the flavors of Italy alongside their freshly made pasta and tiramisu.

For those who prefer a hot beverage, coffee is also offered to conclude the meal on a delightful note.

With these beverage options provided, guests can fully enjoy the Italian culinary journey offered by the Cesarine hosts.

Confirmation and Location

Cesarine: Pasta & Tiramisu Class at Locals Home in Milan - Confirmation and Location

Upon booking the Cesarine Pasta & Tiramisu Class in Milan, guests will receive a confirmation for their private cooking experience. This confirmation ensures that the reservation is secured for the selected date and time.

The class takes place at the local host’s home, providing an authentic Italian cooking environment. The location is conveniently situated near public transportation, making it easily accessible for participants.

Guests can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with health and safety measures in place for a worry-free experience. The private nature of the class allows for personalized attention and guidance throughout the pasta and tiramisu-making session.

Guest Feedback

Guests have consistently praised the Cesarine Pasta & Tiramisu Class in Milan for its immersive and educational culinary experience. The positive feedback highlights the hosts’ expertise, the interactive cooking session, and the warm and inviting atmosphere that enhances the overall enjoyment of the class.

Plus, guests appreciate the opportunity to learn traditional Italian recipes like pasta-making and tiramisu preparation, adding a cultural dimension to the experience. The small class size allows for personalized attention and a hands-on approach, ensuring that participants not only taste delicious dishes but also gain valuable skills to recreate them at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ingredients Provided for the Class or Do I Need to Bring Anything?

Ingredients are provided for the class; guests do not need to bring anything. Enjoy a hassle-free experience where everything needed for making pasta and tiramisu is supplied. Just come ready to learn and have fun!

Can Dietary Restrictions or Preferences Be Accommodated During the Class?

Yes, dietary restrictions or preferences can be accommodated during the class. The host can adjust recipes to suit your needs, ensuring an enjoyable and inclusive culinary experience for all participants.

Is There a Minimum or Maximum Number of Participants for the Class?

The class accommodates both small and large groups, with no specific minimum or maximum number of participants. This flexibility allows for an intimate experience for couples or a lively group activity for friends and family.

How Long Does the Pasta and Tiramisu-Making Class Typically Last?

The pasta and tiramisu-making class typically lasts around 2 to 2.5 hours. Participants engage in hands-on cooking, learning the art of Italian cuisine from a local host. It’s a fun and interactive experience enjoyed by all.

Can Children Participate in the Cooking Class or Is It for Adults Only?

Children can participate in the cooking class. It’s not limited to adults only. The class offers an inclusive experience, allowing families to bond over pasta and tiramisu-making. It’s a fun and educational activity for all ages.

Final Words

Set out on a culinary adventure with Cesarine’s Pasta & Tiramisu Class in Milan for a truly authentic Italian cooking experience. From making pasta to crafting tiramisu, guests will enjoy hands-on learning in a cozy, local home setting.

With positive reviews highlighting the warm ambiance and interactive nature of the class, this culinary journey promises to be a memorable one.

Book now to indulge in delicious food and local wines while learning from knowledgeable hosts.

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