Is it possible to experience the epitome of luxury and natural beauty all in one day on the island of Capri? The ‘Capri: Highlights Luxury Private Tour’ invites travelers to uncover the answer to this intriguing question through an exclusive seven-hour journey filled with breathtaking vistas and lavish amenities.

From cruising the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean to delving into the mesmerizing Blue Grotto and other hidden caves, this tour promises an unforgettable day of opulence and relaxation. But what hidden gems lie beyond these initial highlights, waiting to be discovered by those who embark on this unparalleled adventure?

Just The Basics

Capri: Highlights Luxury Private Tour - Just The Basics

  • Explore Capri’s romantic island, swim in the Mediterranean, visit the Blue Grotto, and admire the Faraglioni rocks.
  • Enjoy on-board drinks, snacks, and free time to explore, with stops for swimming along the Amalfi Coast.
  • Professional skipper and hostess, luxurious amenities including Prosecco, champagne, and fine wines.
  • Customer praised experience with a 5/5 rating, highlighting punctuality, professionalism, and a wonderful day on the water.

Tour Details

Capri: Highlights Luxury Private Tour - Tour Details

Embark on the Capri: Highlights Luxury Private Tour, where guests can indulge in a day of exclusive exploration and relaxation on the stunning island of Capri.

This tour offers a range of exclusive amenities, including local cuisine tastings that showcase the flavors of the region. Guests can savor traditional dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients, seeing the culinary delights of Capri.

Alongside the gourmet experience, visitors can enjoy a luxurious journey with provisions like fine wines, champagne, and snacks provided on board.

This combination of exquisite dining and breathtaking views creates a truly memorable experience for those looking to enjoy the beauty and flavors of Capri while enjoying the utmost in comfort and luxury.

Experience Highlights

Capri: Highlights Luxury Private Tour - Experience Highlights

Indulge in a day of unparalleled exploration and relaxation on the stunning island of Capri with the Experience Highlights of the Capri: Highlights Luxury Private Tour.

Check out the thrilling Swimming Adventure with stops at beautiful bays to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Explore the mesmerizing Cave Exploration Insights as you discover hidden gems like the Wonderful Grotto, White Grotto, and Green Grotto, each with its unique charm waiting to be explored.

Experience the awe-inspiring Faraglioni rocks of Capri up close, adding a touch of drama to your journey. This tour promises an unforgettable mix of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty, making it a must for anyone seeking the ultimate Capri experience.

Important Information

Capri: Highlights Luxury Private Tour - Important Information

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, guests are advised to bring essential items such as sunglasses, a sun hat, swimwear, a change of clothes, and sunscreen for the Capri: Highlights Luxury Private Tour. These items will help guests stay comfortable and protected while exploring the beautiful island of Capri and enjoying activities like swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and visiting the Blue Grotto.

Along With packing these essentials, guests should also be aware of the additional fees associated with the tour, including a Marina Grande docking fee of €100 per boat and a fee of €2.5 per person for visiting Marina Grande Harbour. Being prepared with the right items and knowledge of any extra costs will ensure a hassle-free and memorable experience on this luxury private tour.

Customer Reviews

Capri: Highlights Luxury Private Tour - Customer Reviews

One guest enthusiastically praised the professionalism and attention to detail of the skipper during their Capri Luxury Private Tour, rating the experience a perfect 5 out of 5. Customer feedback highlighted the exceptional service quality provided:

  1. The skipper was knowledgeable, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey.
  2. The onboard amenities exceeded expectations, creating a luxurious experience.
  3. The personalized attention from the hostess added a special touch to the tour.

These glowing reviews showcase the dedication to customer satisfaction and the high standards of service on the Capri Luxury Private Tour. Visitors can expect a top-notch experience with a focus on quality and comfort throughout their excursion.


Nestled along the picturesque Amalfi Coast, the enchanting island of Capri beckons visitors with its stunning beauty and captivating attractions. Navigating the island is relatively simple, with transportation options including ferries from Naples or Sorrento, private boat charters, or even helicopter rides for a luxurious entrance.

Once on the island, visitors can explore via the funicular, taxi, or bus services to reach different parts of Capri and Anacapri. For those feeling more adventurous, renting a scooter or convertible car can provide an exciting way to discover the island’s hidden gems. Navigational tips include keeping an eye on the ferry schedules, especially during peak tourist season, and being prepared for narrow, winding roads that offer breathtaking views around every turn.


Exploring the captivating island of Capri offers a myriad of enriching experiences for travelers seeking luxury and natural beauty. When embarking on a private yachting adventure around Capri, it’s essential to consider the following recommendations to ensure a truly luxurious experience:

  1. Book in Advance: Secure your private tour early to guarantee availability and avoid disappointment.

  2. Indulge in Luxury: Treat yourself to the finer things in life with onboard drinks, snacks, and exclusive amenities.

  3. Immerse Yourself in Nature: Take the time to appreciate the stunning landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and iconic landmarks from the comfort of your private yacht.

Frequently Asked Questions

Capri: Highlights Luxury Private Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating in the Capri Luxury Private Tour?

Age restrictions and participation criteria vary depending on the tour provider. It’s essential to check the specific guidelines for the Capri luxury private tour you are interested in to ensure compliance with any age-related requirements.

Is There a Restroom on Board the Boat for the Duration of the Tour?

Yes, there is a restroom available on board the boat for the duration of the tour, ensuring comfort and convenience for guests. This amenity provides added convenience during the 7-hour excursion, allowing for a more enjoyable experience.

Can Special Dietary Requirements Be Accommodated for the Snacks and Drinks Provided on the Tour?

Special dietary requirements such as vegetarian options and allergies can be accommodated for snacks and drinks. Beverage preferences and dietary restrictions can be catered to ensure all guests can enjoy the tour comfortably.

Is There a Dress Code for the Tour, Especially for Visiting the Blue Grotto and Other Caves?

There is no specific dress code for the tour, but it’s recommended to wear comfortable attire suitable for cave exploration. Visitors to the Blue Grotto should be prepared for wet conditions and may want to bring a change of clothes.

Are There Any Additional Optional Activities or Add-Ons Available During the Tour, and How Can They Be Arranged?

During the tour, guests can opt for additional activities like snorkeling or beach picnics. These add-ons can be arranged by consulting the tour guide or hostess onboard, who can customize the experience to suit preferences.

Final Words

Capri: Highlights Luxury Private Tour - Final Words

Don’t miss out on the unforgettable experience of the Capri: Highlights Luxury Private Tour.

With stunning sights, expert guidance, and luxurious amenities, this seven-hour escapade is the perfect way to explore the beauty of Capri and the Amalfi Coast.

Book your tour in advance, pack your essentials, and get ready for a day of relaxation and exploration in this enchanting island paradise.

Enjoy the natural splendors of Capri and create lasting memories on this exclusive journey.

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