As the speed boat glides effortlessly along the azure waters, passengers are treated to a sensory symphony of salty sea breeze, dazzling coastal scenery, and the thrill of adventure.

The journey along the Capri– Amalfi Coast unveils a tapestry of cliffs, charming villages, and hidden coves waiting to be discovered.

But what lies beyond the horizon? Uncover the secrets of this exclusive experience that promises both luxury and excitement, where each wave carries the promise of a new adventure waiting to be embraced.

Just The Basics

Capri- Amalfi Coast :Speed Boat - Just The Basics

  • Explore caves and swim in the Mediterranean Sea on a 35 feet speed boat
  • Marvel at landscapes along the Amalfi Coast with luxury amenities
  • Enjoy snorkeling adventures, music, and snacks in crystal-clear waters
  • Relax on a spacious deck, capturing stunning coastal views and creating memorable moments

Tour Details

Capri- Amalfi Coast :Speed Boat - Tour Details

Tour Details provide essential information about the Capri-Amalfi Coast Speed Boat excursion. Priced at SEK 30,336 for up to 4 guests, the 7-hour journey offers languages in Italian, English, and Spanish. Wheelchair accessibility ensures inclusivity, and the tour is tailored for private groups.

The cancellation policy allows flexibility with free cancellations up to 24 hours in advance. Payment is convenient with the option to reserve now and pay later. Inclusions consist of gas, soft drinks, prosecco, snacks, snorkeling adventures, and music.

Plus, guests can indulge in local cuisine tasting onboard, making it a well-rounded experience for those seeking both aquatic exploration and culinary delights.


Capri- Amalfi Coast :Speed Boat - Itinerary

Starting from Let it Be Capri, embark on a captivating journey exploring the stunning sights of the Amalfi Coast and its enchanting surroundings aboard a luxurious 35 feet speed boat.

The itinerary includes opportunities for cave exploration, where passengers can discover hidden wonders within the rugged cliffs. Plus, guests can indulge in refreshing swimming sessions in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, adding a touch of adventure to the experience.

This carefully planned route ensures that travelers have ample time to marvel at the breathtaking landscapes while also engaging in exciting activities like exploring caves and enjoying leisurely swims.

The combination of sightseeing and interactive experiences promises a memorable and immersive adventure along the Amalfi Coast.

Boat Features

Capri- Amalfi Coast :Speed Boat - Boat Features

Featuring a luxurious 35 feet speed boat equipped with a bathroom, shower, and music, the vessel for the Capri-Amalfi Coast Speed Boat tour ensures a comfortable and enjoyable cruising experience. Passengers can indulge in luxury amenities while soaking up the sun and sea breeze. The onboard entertainment system provides a lively soundtrack to accompany the breathtaking views along the journey. Here is a glimpse of the boat features:

Luxury Amenities Onboard Entertainment Additional Features
Bathroom Music Spacious Deck
Shower Comfortable Seating
Shade Canopy


Capri- Amalfi Coast :Speed Boat - Booking

Indulge in a hassle-free booking experience for your Capri-Amalfi Coast Speed Boat tour, ensuring convenience and flexibility for your travel plans.

Payment options are designed to be stress-free, allowing you to reserve your spot now and pay later. This feature enables you to secure your booking without immediate payment, giving you peace of mind for your upcoming adventure.

Plus, keep an eye out for group discounts that may be available, offering savings for larger parties looking to explore the stunning coastline together.


Capri- Amalfi Coast :Speed Boat - Experience

For an unforgettable adventure exploring the stunning Capri-Amalfi Coast, visitors can enjoy a range of exciting activities and leisurely experiences aboard a luxurious 35 feet speed boat. From swimming adventures in crystal-clear waters to coastal explorations along picturesque cliffs, there’s something for all to enjoy. The boat’s spacious deck provides the perfect setting for capturing breathtaking moments and soaking up the sun. As the gentle sea breeze kisses your skin, you can explore cave explorations or simply relax while listening to music on board. With each passing moment, the beauty of the coast unfolds before your eyes, promising a day filled with fun, relaxation, and unforgettable memories.

Swimming Adventure Coastal Exploration
Dive into turquoise waters Discover hidden coves
Snorkel with colorful fish Marvel at rugged cliffs
Splash in secluded bays Explore charming villages

Additional Information

Capri- Amalfi Coast :Speed Boat - Additional Information

Explore the flexibility of the tour package with the option to reserve now and pay later, allowing for adaptable travel plans and peace of mind. When booking this Capri-Amalfi Coast speed boat tour, passengers can rest assured knowing they’ve the freedom to secure their spot without immediate payment.

Plus, ample luggage space is available on board to accommodate personal belongings, making the journey comfortable and convenient. The tour also provides the following:

  1. Flexible Booking: Reserve now, pay later option.
  2. Spacious Luggage Area: Plenty of room for luggage storage.
  3. Peace of Mind: Knowing that plans can be adjusted easily.

With these features, travelers can enjoy a hassle-free experience while exploring the stunning Capri and Amalfi Coast regions.


Capri- Amalfi Coast :Speed Boat - Directions

As travelers embark on the Capri-Amalfi Coast speed boat tour, clear and concise directions will guide them seamlessly through the picturesque routes and vibrant destinations. Navigation tips provided by the experienced captain ensure a smooth journey, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the stunning scenic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Along the way, passengers can marvel at the rugged cliffs, hidden coves, and charming coastal towns that define this iconic region. With the captain at the helm, guests can rest assured that they’ll be taken to all the must-see spots, including the Blue Grotto, Capri, and Positano.

These expertly crafted directions not only enhance the travel experience but also guarantee an unforgettable adventure along the enchanting Capri-Amalfi Coast route.


Upon embarking on the Capri-Amalfi Coast speed boat tour, passengers are advised to take note of important details provided in this ‘Note’ section for a smooth and enjoyable journey.


  1. Clarification: Ensure to clarify any doubts with the captain before departing.

  2. Safety Precautions: Follow all safety instructions provided by the crew during the tour.

  3. Emergency Procedures: Familiarize yourself with emergency procedures and locations of safety equipment on board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Capri- Amalfi Coast :Speed Boat - Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Bring Our Own Food and Drinks on the Speed Boat Tour?

Guests may bring snacks and beverages on board the speed boat tour. This allows for personalized refreshments during the voyage. Enjoying a mix of provided and self-brought items adds to the overall experience of cruising along the beautiful coastline.

Is There a Restroom on Board the Speed Boat for Passengers to Use?

Restroom availability on board the speed boat ensures passenger comfort. Snack options complement the journey, providing a well-rounded experience. Guests can enjoy the convenience of onboard facilities while indulging in tasty treats during the excursion.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Passengers on the Speed Boat Tour?

Age restrictions are in place for safety. Passengers must meet requirements for boarding. Safety precautions ensure a smooth journey. The speed boat tour prioritizes passenger safety and comfort. Enjoy the adventure worry-free.

Is There a Dress Code for the Speed Boat Tour?

When preparing for the speed boat tour, guests should consider the dress code and weather conditions. Opt for comfortable attire, such as light clothing, swimwear, and sunscreen. Be ready for wind and sun exposure while enjoying the tour.

Are There Any Safety Precautions or Procedures That Passengers Should Be Aware of Before Boarding the Speed Boat?

Passengers should be aware of safety procedures before boarding the speed boat. A safety briefing will cover life jacket usage and emergency protocols. Weather conditions will also be discussed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on board.

Final Words

Set out on a thrilling speed boat tour along the stunning coast of Capri and the Amalfi Coast for a day filled with luxury, adventure, and relaxation. With personalized experiences, insightful commentary, and convenient drop-off options, guests can expect a seamless and enjoyable journey.

From exploring the Blue Grotto to cruising along the picturesque Amalfi Coast, every moment is crafted for maximum enjoyment. Book now for an unforgettable experience on the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean.

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