Explore the rugged beauty of Ogliastra in Bau Mela through the heart-pounding adventure of canyoning. Imagine navigating through narrow gorges, rappelling down cascading waterfalls, and swimming in natural pools surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The experience promises an exhilarating blend of adrenaline and tranquility, a perfect combination for nature enthusiasts seeking a unique thrill. As the journey unfolds, participants uncover the secrets of this hidden gem, seeing the wonders of Sardinia’s untouched landscapes. Get set for a journey that will awaken your senses and leave you in awe of nature’s raw power and beauty.

Just The Basics

Canyoning Ogliastra in Bau Mela - Just The Basics

  • Professional guided canyoning adventure in Bau Mela, Ogliastra, Sardinia.
  • All necessary equipment provided for safety.
  • Enjoy traditional Sardinian cuisine with lunch and dinner included.
  • Limited group size for a personalized experience.
  • Convenient meeting point at Casa Di Formazione Giovanile building, Oasi Regina Apostolorum.

Activity Overview

Canyoning Ogliastra in Bau Mela - Activity Overview

Embark on an exhilarating canyoning adventure in Bau Mela, Ogliastra, Sardinia, guided by professionals and equipped with everything you need for a thrilling experience.

This activity includes a professional guide, technical equipment, insurance, lunch, and dinner. The meeting point is at Oasi Regina Apostolorum (Bau Mela) – Casa Di Formazione Giovanile, with the tour concluding back at the starting point.

Expect a confirmation upon booking, but note that this activity isn’t wheelchair accessible and isn’t recommended for individuals with back problems, pregnant travelers, or serious medical conditions. The tour accommodates a maximum of 8 travelers and is subject to good weather conditions.

Ensure you check the cancellation policy, which allows for a full refund if canceled 24 hours in advance. Get set for an unforgettable adventure at a starting price of $88.63!

Location Details

Canyoning Ogliastra in Bau Mela - Location Details

Discover the captivating setting of Bau Mela in Ogliastra, Sardinia, where the canyoning adventure begins. This picturesque location sets the stage for an adrenaline-filled experience amidst stunning natural landscapes.

Here are some key details about the location:

  • Scenic Beauty: Prepare to be surrounded by breathtaking cliffs, lush vegetation, and crystal-clear waters.

  • Accessibility: The meeting point, Oasi Regina Apostolorum, provides easy access to the starting point of the canyoning expedition.

  • Local Charm: Enjoy the rich culture of Sardinia, known for its warm hospitality and traditional cuisine.

  • Adventure Hub: Bau Mela serves as the perfect base for exploring the rugged canyons and hidden gems of Ogliastra.


As participants gather at the meeting point in Oasi Regina Apostolorum, they can anticipate a comprehensive package of inclusions that ensure a seamless and enjoyable canyoning experience in Bau Mela. Each participant will be provided with a professional guide to navigate the canyons safely.

Technical equipment, including harnesses and helmets, is also included to guarantee a secure adventure. To offer peace of mind, insurance coverage is part of the package, protecting against unforeseen circumstances.

The day’s excitement is fueled by a satisfying lunch and dinner, ensuring energy levels remain high throughout the exploration. With these inclusions, participants can focus on the thrill of canyoning in Ogliastra while leaving the logistics to the dedicated team, promising a memorable and worry-free outing.

Meeting Point Information

Canyoning Ogliastra in Bau Mela - Meeting Point Information

Upon arrival at the meeting point in Oasi Regina Apostolorum, you will be greeted by the dedicated team ready to kick off the canyoning adventure in Bau Mela. Here are some essential details about the meeting point:

  • Look for the Casa Di Formazione Giovanile building upon arrival.
  • Ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • Parking is available nearby for convenience.
  • The meeting point is easily accessible by both public and private transportation.

These pointers aim to ensure a smooth start to your thrilling canyoning experience in the picturesque setting of Bau Mela.

What To Expect

Canyoning Ogliastra in Bau Mela - What To Expect

Anticipate an adrenaline-filled journey as you prepare to navigate the thrilling canyons of Bau Mela in Ogliastra with a team of experienced guides and fellow adventurers.

Upon booking, expect a confirmation to secure your spot. Keep in mind that this activity isn’t wheelchair accessible and isn’t recommended for individuals with back problems, pregnant travelers, or serious medical conditions.

The group size is limited to a maximum of 8 travelers to ensure a personalized experience.

Be prepared for an outdoor adventure that’s dependent on good weather conditions.

Get ready to learn about the beauty of nature and the excitement of canyoning as you explore the stunning landscapes of Sardinia, Italy.

Cancellation Policy

Canyoning Ogliastra in Bau Mela - Cancellation Policy

For cancellations concerning the Canyoning Ogliastra in Bau Mela adventure, travelers can enjoy a full refund if done 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time.

It’s essential to be aware of the following cancellation policy details:

  • Refund Policy: Full refund available for cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Late Cancellations: No refund for cancellations within 24 hours of the start time.

  • Changes: Changes requested less than 24 hours before the activity aren’t accepted.

  • Weather: In case of weather-related cancellations, travelers can opt for a full refund or rescheduled date.

Understanding these policies ensures a smooth experience when planning your canyoning adventure in Ogliastra.

Price and Booking

Canyoning Ogliastra in Bau Mela - Price and Booking

Wondering how to secure your spot for the thrilling Canyoning Ogliastra in Bau Mela adventure in Sardinia, Italy? The price for this exhilarating experience starts from $88.63, with a lowest price guarantee ensuring you get the best deal.

Enjoy the flexibility of free cancellation up to 24 hours before the start time, and take advantage of the Reserve Now, Pay Later option for added convenience. Booking is quick and easy, allowing you to lock in your reservation without any hassle.

With the assurance of a full refund if canceled 24 hours in advance, you can plan your adventure with peace of mind. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable canyoning expedition – secure your spot today!

Customer Reviews

Canyoning Ogliastra in Bau Mela - Customer Reviews

Discover what thrilled travelers have to say about their adventurous experience with Canyoning Ogliastra in Bau Mela in Sardinia, Italy. The reviews for this exhilarating canyoning adventure have been exceptional, with a perfect 5.0 rating based on 24 reviews from platforms like Viator and Tripadvisor.

Here are some highlights from the travelers’ reviews:

  • ‘An unforgettable experience! The guides were knowledgeable and ensured our safety throughout the adventure.’

  • ‘Breath-taking views and thrilling descents made this trip absolutely worth it.’

  • ‘Highly recommend for adventure seekers looking to explore the beauty of Sardinia in a unique way.’

  • ‘The team was friendly, professional, and made the entire experience both safe and fun.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Beginners Participate in the Canyoning Activity in Bau Mela?

Beginners can participate in the canyoning activity in Bau Mela. The experience provides a mix of thrill and adventure with a professional guide, technical equipment, and safety measures in place. It’s a great way to start exploring canyoning!

Is Transportation to the Meeting Point Included in the Package?

Transportation to the meeting point isn’t included in the package. Participants will need to arrange their transport. It’s recommended to plan ahead for a smooth start to the thrilling canyoning adventure in Bau Mela.

Are There Restroom Facilities Available During the Canyoning Excursion?

Restroom facilities are available during the canyoning excursion. Travelers can find comfort in knowing that these facilities are accessible, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable experience amidst the adventure of exploring the beautiful canyons of Ogliastra in Bau Mela.

Is There a Weight or Age Limit for Participants in This Activity?

There is no specified weight limit for participants in this activity, but there is an age restriction. The tour is suitable for those aged 18 to 65. It’s important to consider the physical demands of canyoning.

Are Wetsuits and Other Necessary Gear Provided for the Canyoning Experience?

Yes, wetsuits and all necessary gear are provided for the canyoning experience. Participants can expect to have everything they need, including professional guides, technical equipment, insurance, and meals, ensuring a safe and enjoyable adventure.

Final Words

Experience the thrill of canyoning in Bau Mela, Ogliastra with this guided adventure that promises stunning landscapes and unforgettable memories.

With all equipment provided and delicious meals included, you can focus on enjoying the adrenaline rush of navigating cliffs and crystal-clear waters.

Don’t miss out on this personalized and immersive experience in Sardinia’s hidden gems – book your canyoning adventure today!

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