With over 300 days of sunshine annually, Cagliari sets the perfect backdrop for an exquisite wine-tasting journey. Imagine sipping on velvety Cannonau or crisp Vermentino wines under the warm Sardinian sun, surrounded by picturesque vineyards.

But there’s more to this full-day private tour than just tastings and lunch. The experience promises an insider’s look into the art of winemaking, blending tradition and innovation seamlessly.

Curious to uncover the secrets behind Sardinia’s renowned wines and the stories they hold?

Just The Basics

Cagliari: Full-Day Private Wine Tasting With Lunch - Just The Basics

  • Discover wines from two wineries in Cagliari
  • Taste red and white wines, including Cannonau and Vermentino
  • Enjoy a Sardinian lunch at a traditional farmhouse
  • Private tour with a driver/guide, round trip transfer, and 2 wine tastings

Tour Details

Cagliari: Full-Day Private Wine Tasting With Lunch - Tour Details

Embark on an immersive journey through the world of wines with the captivating ‘Cagliari: Full-Day Private Wine Tasting with Lunch’ experience, offering a delightful blend of exploration and indulgence.

This tour allows participants to explore various wine varieties, including the renowned Cannonau, Vermentino, and Carignano. Throughout the day, guests will learn about different tasting techniques to fully appreciate the flavors and aromas of each wine sampled.

By visiting two wineries in Cagliari, individuals will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of winemaking while enjoying the picturesque landscapes of the region.

The tour details encompass a 7-hour duration, with multilingual guides available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, ensuring a personalized and informative experience.

Experience Highlights

Cagliari: Full-Day Private Wine Tasting With Lunch - Experience Highlights

Enjoy the world of wines with the captivating experience highlights of visiting two wineries and tasting two red and two white wines in Cagliari.

Delight your taste buds with expertly curated wine pairings that perfectly complement the local cuisine. Explore the distinctive flavors of Cannonau, Vermentino, Carignano, and other renowned Sardinian wines as you learn about the winemaking process from knowledgeable guides.

After your wine tastings, savor a mouthwatering Sardinian lunch at a traditional farmhouse, where you can indulge in local products that beautifully showcase the region’s gastronomic treasures.

This full-day private wine tasting excursion promises to be a sensory journey through the rich tapestry of Sardinian wine culture and culinary delights.


Cagliari: Full-Day Private Wine Tasting With Lunch - Description

A full-day private wine tasting tour in Cagliari unveils the rich winemaking heritage of Sardinia through visits to two esteemed wineries and a delightful sampling of local wines and cuisine. Guests will have the opportunity to taste renowned wines like Cannonau, Vermentino, and Carignano, expertly paired with traditional Sardinian dishes.

The tour offers a unique blend of educational winery visits and immersive tastings that showcase the diversity and quality of Sardinian wines. With a focus on wine pairings and local cuisine, participants can savor the flavors of the region while learning about the winemaking process firsthand.

This experience promises a day filled with exquisite wines, delicious food, and a deeper understanding of Sardinia’s winemaking traditions.


As guests indulge in the rich winemaking heritage of Sardinia through visits to two esteemed wineries and tastings of renowned wines like Cannonau, Vermentino, and Carignano, they can expect a comprehensive list of inclusions during this full-day private wine tasting tour in Cagliari.

This experience offers exceptional value for money, covering all taxes, fees, and handling charges, with no hidden costs. The tour includes entrance fees, a fuel surcharge, and local taxes, ensuring a hassle-free day of wine exploration.

Guests will be accompanied by a knowledgeable driver/guide and enjoy round trip private transfers in a comfortable, air-conditioned minivan equipped with free Wi-Fi. Insurance is provided for peace of mind, along with two wine tastings featuring a carefully curated selection of Sardinia’s finest wines.

Important Information

Cagliari: Full-Day Private Wine Tasting With Lunch - Important Information

What essential requirements must participants meet before embarking on this private wine tasting tour in Cagliari?

Before joining the Cagliari wine tasting experience, participants need to be aware of the following important information:

  • Restrictions: Pets and unaccompanied minors aren’t permitted on the tour.
  • Drinking Age: The minimum age for alcohol consumption during the tour is 18 years old.
  • Vehicle Variations: Groups exceeding 8 participants may encounter variations in the assigned vehicle for transportation.
  • Safety Measures: Participants should adhere to safety guidelines provided by the tour guide.
  • Comfortable Attire: Wearing comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for a day-long excursion is recommended to fully enjoy the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cagliari: Full-Day Private Wine Tasting With Lunch - Frequently Asked Questions

Can Special Dietary Requirements Be Accommodated During the Sardinian Lunch at the Traditional Farmhouse?

Special dietary requirements can be accommodated during the Sardinian lunch at the traditional farmhouse. The venue offers alternatives and substitutions for various restrictions. Guests can enjoy the local cuisine while ensuring their dietary needs are met.

Are There Any Additional Activities or Sights Included in the Tour Apart From the Winery Visits and Wine Tastings?

Sightseeing options and additional activities beyond winery visits include scenic drives through picturesque landscapes, exploring local markets for unique finds, and visiting historical sites. Guests can immerse in Sardinian culture while enjoying exquisite wines.

Is There a Minimum Number of Participants Required for Booking This Private Wine Tasting Tour?

For a private wine tasting tour, the group size requirement can be flexible, ensuring exclusivity. This private experience caters to various group sizes, allowing for an intimate and personalized journey through the world of Sardinian wines.

Are There Any Opportunities to Purchase Wine or Other Local Products at the Wineries Visited During the Tour?

Yes, visitors have the opportunity to purchase wine souvenirs, local delicacies, and unique gifts at the wineries visited during the tour. The tasting rooms offer a variety of products for guests to take home.

Is There a Specific Dress Code Recommended for the Tour, Especially for the Visit to the Wineries and Traditional Farmhouse?

For the tour, a smart casual dress code is recommended, and respectful winery etiquette is appreciated. Opt for comfortable footwear as there will be walking involved. Dress stylishly yet comfortably to enjoy the wine tasting and traditional farmhouse visit.

Final Words

Indulge in a day of luxury and discovery on the ‘Cagliari: Full-Day Private Wine Tasting with Lunch’ tour. With exclusive access to prestigious wineries, delectable tastings, and a scrumptious Sardinian lunch, this immersive experience promises to delight all your senses.

Enjoy the rich winemaking traditions of Sardinia, savoring the flavors of local wines while taking in the scenic beauty of the vineyards.

A truly unforgettable journey awaits on this private group tour.

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