Embarking on a full-day excursion along the Amalfi Coast aboard a luxury tender promises an exclusive and refined experience. The journey unfolds like a carefully crafted masterpiece, revealing hidden treasures and breathtaking landscapes that will captivate even the most discerning traveler.

From the moment the azure waters embrace the vessel to the final farewell under the Mediterranean sun, every detail of this lavish adventure caters to those seeking a blend of opulence and authenticity. But what lies beyond the pristine surface of this luxury escapade is a story waiting to be unraveled, a tale of indulgence and discovery that beckons the curious soul to explore further.

Just The Basics


  • Full-day luxury tender experience along Amalfi Coast with stops at iconic landmarks
  • Private charter for up to 12 guests, including a meal at a seaside restaurant
  • Admire coastal scenery, explore hidden gems, and indulge in local cuisine
  • Perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, creating unforgettable memories

Tour Details


Embark on an exclusive full-day luxury tender experience along the captivating Amalfi Coast with a private charter accommodating up to 12 guests, starting from €2,750.

This private charter offers a unique opportunity for coastal exploration, allowing guests to discover the beauty of the Amalfi Coast in a personalized and intimate setting.

The tour details include an 8-hour journey along the coast, with stops at iconic locations such as Positano and Amalfi by sea, the Emerald Cave, Fiordo of Furore, Baths of Queen Giovanna, and a natural waterfall.

Guests can also enjoy a meal at a seaside restaurant and explore Nerano, Ieranto Bay, and Li Galli islands.

This experience promises a day filled with luxury, adventure, and unforgettable memories.

Activity Highlights


Admiring the stunning coastal scenery from the luxury tender, guests will have the opportunity to explore iconic landmarks and hidden gems along the Amalfi Coast during this full-day experience. The day will be filled with unforgettable moments, including:

  • Admiring the picturesque towns of Positano and Amalfi from the sea
  • Exploring the enchanting Emerald Cave and the breathtaking Fiordo of Furore
  • Indulging in a delicious meal at a charming seaside restaurant

These activities promise a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, allowing guests to soak in the beauty of the landscapes while enjoying a delightful seaside dining experience. The Amalfi Coast’s beauty will truly come to life during this luxury tender excursion.


The luxury tender’s itinerary along the Amalfi Coast unfolds like a captivating voyage through a Mediterranean dream, showcasing a blend of iconic landmarks and hidden coastal treasures. Starting from Marina Grande, the journey sails along the Sorrento coast, stopping at Marina Grande, Bagni della Regina Giovanna, a natural waterfall, and Punta Campanella.

As the tender cruises along the Amalfi coast, guests will have the chance to visit Ieranto Bay, Grotta del Sogno, Fjord of Crapolla, Tordigliano, Punta Germano, and Fjord of Furore. Picture-perfect moments await at photography spots in Positano and Amalfi, with free time to explore these charming towns.

This itinerary also offers opportunities to indulge in local cuisine, uncover hidden gems, and enjoy shopping along the picturesque coastline.


Indulge in a luxurious experience with the inclusions of a skipper, fuel, and beverages on board, ensuring a relaxing and memorable journey along the Amalfi Coast. Explore the azure waters and picturesque coastal towns with the following amenities provided:

  • Snorkeling Adventures: Dive into the crystal-clear waters and discover the vibrant marine life beneath the surface.
  • Seaside Dining Options: Enjoy the opportunity to savor delicious meals at charming seaside restaurants, enjoying the local culinary delights.
  • Safety Equipment: Rest assured with snorkel kits and other safety gear provided, ensuring a worry-free exploration of the stunning underwater world.

Prepare to embark on a day filled with adventure, culinary delights, and relaxation, all made possible by the thoughtful inclusions on this luxury tender excursion.


As you plan your luxurious journey along the Amalfi Coast, consider the optional amenities that can elevate your experience even further. To enhance your luxury experience, indulge in the local cuisine with a specially curated meal at a seaside restaurant.

Enjoy the flavors of the region and savor fresh seafood dishes while enjoying breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. This optional addition allows you to fully embrace the culinary delights of the area, adding a touch of sophistication to your day on the luxury tender.

From traditional Italian recipes to contemporary twists on classic dishes, the local cuisine experience promises to be a highlight of your Amalfi Coast adventure. Don’t miss this opportunity to treat your taste buds to an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Bring Our Own Food and Drinks on Board the Luxury Tender?

Yes, guests may bring snacks and non-alcoholic beverages on board the luxury tender. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted due to safety regulations. The tour provides beverages on board, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience for all.

Is There a Restroom on the Luxury Tender for Guests to Use?

Restroom facilities on the luxury tender ensure guest comfort throughout the full-day Amalfi Coast experience. Equipped with modern amenities, passengers can relax and enjoy the journey without any inconvenience. A seamless blend of luxury and convenience awaits onboard.

Are There Any Additional Costs for Entering Attractions Such as the Emerald Cave or Fiordo of Furore?

Entrance fees are included for attractions like the Emerald Cave and Fiordo of Furore. No additional costs are required. Guests can fully enjoy these stunning sites without accessibility restrictions, making the experience truly immersive.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Children to Join the Tour?

There are no age restrictions for children to join the tour. Safety measures are in place, and child-friendly activities are available. Families can enjoy amenities like snorkeling kits, beach towels, and free cancellation for added convenience.

Are There Any Restrictions on What Items Guests Can Bring on Board the Luxury Tender?

Guests can bring personal belongings and packing essentials like sunscreen, beachwear, and snorkel kits on the luxury tender. There are no specific restrictions mentioned, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience exploring the Amalfi Coast.

Final Words

Set out on a luxurious journey along the Amalfi Coast, where every moment is filled with beauty and relaxation.

From exploring charming towns to discovering hidden gems, this full-day tour on a luxury tender promises an unforgettable experience.

With a dedicated skipper, refreshing beverages, and optional features for added convenience, this excursion offers the perfect blend of comfort and indulgence.

Book now for a day of pure bliss on the stunning Amalfi Coast.

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