The Trevi Fountain, one of the biggest and most famous fountains in the world, is another tourist destination when you get the chance to visit Italy. Trevi got its name because it is at the junction of three streets (tre vie), and marks the point of origin of the aqueducts that supplied water to the ancient city of Rome.

The fountain itself is an astounding spectacle, standing 26.3 meters high (about 86 feet) and 49.15 meters wide (about 161 feet). The ornate marble carvings makes this the biggest fountain featuring Baroque type of art and architecture. It was designed by Italian architect Nikola Salvi and construction of the fountain was done by Pietro Bracci. Construction began in 1732 and was finally completed in 1762.

The backdrop of the fountain is the Palazzo Poli, with a set of giant pillars supporting either side. The intricate design displays the artistry of the century when Baroque Art was taking over the art world. This shows how artistically inclined the Italians were. They recognize art when they see it, and they would replicate it for others to appreciate.

The Trevi Fountain has been used as backdrop or scene location in many movies like Le Dolce Vita and many other romantic films in recent times. This is because of the scenic backdrop and romantic overtones it could bring into a movie scene. It’s dramatic, it’s romantic, it’s inspirational.

When I visited the Trevi Fountain, there were a lot of tourist mulling around it. Many were posing for pictures, smiling, laughing all the time. As I sat in one of the steps of a nearby building taking in the beauty of the scene. Just like in the movies, only this time I was actually there. I find this another privilege in life that I must be thankful for. Experiencing the culture and art of a foreign country is like getting a glimpse of their colorful artistic history.

As a tourist, of course I took pictures and enjoyed the spectacular view at that very moment. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford to travel around the world and see first hand what makes that corner of the world attractive. So I consider myself lucky enough to be able to afford the gift of travel and experience the different cultures around the world through their art, customs, culture, food, and everything that they have to offer which I have never experienced before in my life.