The Florence Cathedral is the main church of the city of Florence in Italy. It is more commonly known by the locals as Il Duomo di Firenze and it was built in the 12th century. The gothic style of the design reflects the architect’s penchant for such bold features. The designer was Arnolfo di Cambio, while the dome was designed by Fillipo Brunelleschi. The exterior of the building was finished in marble with hues of green and pink as part of the design plus the border/trimming of white. The facade was another Gothic Revival commissioned by Emilio de Fabris.

Alongside the main church is a baptistry and a bell tower more popularly known as Giotto’s Campanile. These three buildings are part of UNESCO‘s World Heritage Site covering the historic center of Florence. This is also another major tourist attraction in Italy. It is another one of Italy’s largest churches.

As a tourist visiting such a magnificent place, one cannot imagine how so many great architectural works were built in Italy. They are such amazing architects, planners, designers that their creations transcend time and could withstand all forms of weathering and erosion. One can’t help but think the Italians must have been gifted with such talents from the Roman gods themselves that’s why they know so much about engineering and architecture.

Like me, there are a million other tourist coming to visit this church every year. The beauty and elegance of the designs of these churches are enough to lure so many people to come visit each year, and witness for themselves the true beauty of these churches.

When I entered the doors of the Florence Cathedral, I was met by a certain aura of mystery which is imminent in such a holy place like this. I’m sure others who came here had undergone the same mystification and found themselves asking the same questions I did.

Another thing to ponder is how long these churches took to be built completely. It’s hard to imagine nowadays, how one building takes more than a hundred years to make. Of course back in those centuries, they did not have high tech tools and equipment to work with. They had to use rudimentary tools, yet the buildings they created were considered masterpieces. That is how ingenious the people of the past centuries were. They made use of what was available to them, mostly materials coming from mother nature.