Mount Vesuvius


This is a different kind of tourist spot compared to the others. While most of the tours involved some kind of man-made structure, this one is all natural. Mount Vesuvius is actually a volcano in the vicinity of the Gulf Of Naples in Italy. It is actually part of a […]

Leaning Tower of Pisa


The World-Famous Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually the bell tower of the Cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa. It is located behind the cathedral and is the third oldest structure in the city’s Cathedral Square after the Cathedral and the Pisa Baptistry. When it was first built in […]

The Pantheon


Another must-see tourist spot when you visit Italy is The Pantheon. It is the best preserved building in the world today since it was built in the early Roman glory days somewhere around 125 AD. This is another engineering feat of the early Roman architects who designed and built such […]