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Amelia Spencer February 24, 2017 0 comments

Boboli Gardens

The Boboli Gardens is a park in Florence, Italy where a collection of statues dating from the 16th to the 18th century are being displayed. The artwork are mostly sculptures in stone which dates back to the Roman Empire and has a taste of Roman antiquities written all over it.
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Amelia Spencer February 22, 2017 0 comments

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is one of the most visited tourist attractions attracting around 4.5 million tourist every year. It is one of the most important buildings during the Roman Empire as it served a lot of different purposes. Some gladiator matches were held here, elections and debates were also held
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Amelia Spencer February 20, 2017 0 comments

Tips For Budgeting And Saving Money

The recent most recession took an extremely heavy toll on the lives of people all across the world.  It affected professional s from both the private, as well as, those who were self-employed. Thus, it has become imperative that households learn how to manage their monthly budget and save as
Amelia Spencer February 20, 2017 0 comments

Mount Etna

Mount Etna (or Aetna) is an active volcano on the east coast of Sicily, Italy situated in the Metropolitan town of Catania, between the cities of Messina and Catania. It is the tallest active volcano in the entire European region at 3,329 meters high. It’s one of the most active
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