The Spanish Steps are a set of stairs in Rome, Italy climbing the steep slopes between the Piazza de Spagna at the base and the Piazza Trinita dei Monti at the top. It was built between 1723 and 1725 to form the steps linking the Bourbon Spanish Embassy and the Trinita dei Monti Church that was under the patronage of the Bourbon kings of France. It was designed by architects Francisco de Sanctis and Alessandro Specchi.

These may seem like trivial places but they do attract lots of tourist every year because of the rich history of the region. In the early times, the place was used as a park where artist and street performers strutted their wares. Even today, there are still a lot of tourist flocking here every year, and the street performers still come to amaze the crowds.

The fountain at the bottom is an early Baruoque art and was originally intended as a bird feeder and bird bath. The design was clearly Baroque, with its curvy lines and beautiful detail work. Somewhere along the steps on the right side you can see the house where the poet John Keats used to live in before he died in 1821. That is now a museum in honor of his great works of literature. Other old buildings were converted into modern residences, but the added balconies fit right in with the Baroque influence make it seem like part of the original design.

As I walked the steps up the church, I am serenaded by a street performer with a guitar and a hat laid out in front of him. He was obviously waiting for tips. I gave him some amount for his performance, which was actually good and pleasant to the ear. Other performers try to find their own places to perform their acts. Somewhere in the middle, there is a florist selling cut flowers, which are usually bought by people going to the church, to make as an offering at the altar.

Overall, the experience was fun, exciting and rather light and festive as well. It had the vibe of a Spanish fiesta celebration, and it comes as no surprise as clearly the Spanish influence in this region of Italy is still strong. I recommend my friends to come visit this place at least once. You will experience the beauty of the place and also meet a lot of interesting people along the way.