The Roman Forum is one of the most visited tourist attractions attracting around 4.5 million tourist every year. It is one of the most important buildings during the Roman Empire as it served a lot of different purposes. Some gladiator matches were held here, elections and debates were also held here. So were public speeches as well as criminal litigations became a regular occurrence at the Forum. It also served as the commercial center, where trades were done with other travelling merchants as well as the locals.

Located in the valley between the Palatine and Capitoline Hills, The Roman Forum is now a sprawling ruin of architectural fragments and intermittent archeological excavation sites. This place is rather rich in history because a lot of things that shaped the history of the Romans took place within these ruins.

Among the ruins are ancient thrones of early Emperors, as early as 7BC or 8BC. Aside from these thrones were also shrines and temples for the purpose of worshipping the Roman gods. This is where the Senate of the Roman empire first convened in a session. It can be claimed that The Roman Forum was the seat of the powers that be during that era. It can be said, therefore the here is where politics and religion were enthroned and deeply rooted.

Despite the current state where majority of the buildings are but mere ruins now, people still are amazed by the grandeur of its size and beauty that they come here every year to bear witness to where civil society as we know it now had its first roots.

Most of the buildings are in ruins. In fact some buildings only have the pillars standing, with the lesser foundations succumbing to erosion and decay. Despite all these, people still come in droves and oogle at such rich culture and historical significance.

I myself wondered, how it must have been to live during those times. It must have been difficult having none of the comforts most people enjoy today. But people back then had initiative, they made do with what they can find. They used their creativity to solve everyday problems. They did not have the internet to tell them what to think about something. They used their own free will to distinguish that. They used intellect and wisdom to know right from wrong. I think I would have fit in just as well back in those days.