outer banks with B

I am so excited.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

We are going on a trip. Yes, I know what you’re thinking–

“You’re going on a TRIP!? With B!?”

Yes, we’re taking our sweet girl on her very first major trip. She’s going to fly in a plane, which is probably going to be a bit of a hassle, but I think she’ll tough it out. You know what it’s like with young ones, it’s all about their mood on any given day… My bestie is going to watch the dogs, which is a brave enough task that I’m going to have to get her an amazing gift, and hubs, B, and I are going on a trip.

Could I be any more excited?

Probably not!

Hubs has some family that we are going to be meeting up with on the Outer Banks down in North Carolina, in the United States. It’s going to be a whole thing. A few of his cousins, siblings, and their kids are going to be coming along, too. Some of his family is living in New Bern, North Carolina, which is not very far away, and they have been raving about the Outer Banks. I have to admit, I had never heard of the Outer Banks, so at first I was kind of skeptical:

“Like, really?” I was like, “The what where!?”

But, it turns out that the Outer Banks seem like a pretty great spot!

At first, I was pretty bummed that we’d be going there in the “off season” but I hear it is a great way to get to know some of the locals, experience the best tourist attractions and restaurants without huge crowds and excruciatingly long lineups, and to stay find an Outer Banks vacation rental that is just perfect for what you need. I was doing some research for hubs and I, and trying to figure out how to fill time and keep B entertained, but I really do not think that it is going to be an issue…

If you’re planning on making the trip, and you have a six year old, here is what I have found out so far, as far as family friendly activities and such…

The Beach

Okay, I say “The Beach” like there is one beach, but there are LOTS of beaches. I mean, they’re islands just off of the Atlantic coast of the Southern United States. I’ve always wanted to go to the south of the USA, but I guess I never thought I’d experience it via island getaway? We’re going during the late Winter/early Spring, which means that it is going to very quiet, and that we can actually maybe have the beach to ourselves. We hear that the beaches are absolutely beautiful around that time of year, and the temperature is still pretty good, especially compared to where we are at!


There are lots of great parks of many different kinds. I am excited for the kids to play at a playground in Duck, which is apparently quite a new and really fantastic playground, and is very near where we are staying in Kill Devil Hills. B loves playgrounds, and I think it sounds like a very nice way to spend an afternoon. Also, near where we are staying is Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve, which I hear is supposed to be fantastic. Like the beaches, the lower amount of tourists around should make for a more quiet, fun, and exclusive experience of the nature of the Outer Banks, which looks like it is going to be absolutely splendid.


This might be a bit boring for the kids, but they can probably end up having fun just about anywhere we choose to go.  Hubby is a bit of a dork sometimes, which I love, but he is very excited that we are going to be so close to the Wright Brothers National Monument. The Avalon Fishing Pier is also a destination that we are excited to check out, and I have read that it is way too busy to be enjoyed during the summer… Experiencing the Outer Banks in the off season has consistently been starting to sound like a better and better idea. There are also tons of very old and historic parks, sites, and lighthouses which seem like they will be great to check out!


Okay, okay. Maybe this one isn’t so much for the “family” but there has to be some trade-offs… Like, if the men can all go drink a bit more than usual and eat Mexican food one night, (yes, I’ve thought this over already, obviously), then maybe the ladies can head to some of the Waterfront shopping attractions and rumor has it that they have some pretty great deals in the off season– am I starting to sound like a broken record when I say that I am actually so happy that we are visiting the Outer Banks during the offseason? I am sure the summer is great, too, but shopping sales is like, a GREAT cherry on top!


As a pretty huge fan of seafood, I will not try to pretend like I am not insanely excited for the food! The deep south of the United States has a reputation for amazing cooking, and North Carolina is one of those states, even if it is not always regarded in the same way as Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee, it is right there with them when you look at a map, and I’ve heard that the southern hospitality stretches into their accommodations and also, amazingly, the way that they prepare their food. I am so excited to try just about all of the fried seafood that I can get my hands on from just about every seafood place that I lay eyes on, among other delicious things… I hear there is some great Mexican food, as well! B is a picky eater, but vacation do wonderful things to change that, and if she truly is my daughter, she’ll love the seafood!

Hang Around The House

Most excitingly, we are super excited about some of our rental options. As I mentioned before, we decided that we would definitely be staying in Kill Devil Hills. When I mentioned that my husband is a dork earlier in this post, I was being a bit unfair… I am a dork, too… But, my inner dork doesn’t come out with historical stuff, it comes out with accommodations. I tried a few resources and got so giddy looking through their selection. And am just waiting for some responses from hubby’s family on what they are looking to spend, because some of the options are incredibly immaculate and pristine… (and I guess I’ve been worrying that I might be getting a little bit carried away)… Anyway, the selection of Outer Banks rental vacation rentals I searched is absolutely to die for.

In General

Did I mention how excited I am!?

It will be a few months before the trip, so I’m sure I’ll be filling the blog with lots of great posts before I take off, and I’ll try to change the subject matter… But, right now, there is no way I’m thinking of anything else.