The Boboli Gardens is a park in Florence, Italy where a collection of statues dating from the 16th to the 18th century are being displayed. The artwork are mostly sculptures in stone which dates back to the Roman Empire and has a taste of Roman antiquities written all over it. The gardens are situated behind the Pitti Palace, the seat of the Medici grand dukes of Florence and Tuscany. It is the first formal garden of the 16th Century.

The garden is a cornucopia of sculptures, from grottos to nympheums, garden temples and the like. The garden was not open to anyone back in the day. Only the Medici family enjoyed that garden. There were no parties held there, no guests were ever entertained there.

The garden had no water source. The builders had to design an irrigation system to bring water to the garden. Water, of course, was needed to keep the garden thriving with flowers and different kinds of vegetation. There was also a great ampitheater built into the garden. At the center of the ampitheater is an ancient Egyptian Boboli obelisk.

It was only sometime in the 17th century that the park was opened to the public. By then it has been transformed into something like an outdoor museum. Only weather resistant sculptures could be displayed in an outdoor museum as other art forms like paintings would not last very long outdoors. The public has since enjoyed viewing all the artwork in display, spread out across the wide expanse of the garden.

When I did get the chance to visit the Boboli Gardens, it was a sunny day in May. There was a light drizzle the previous night, so the grass was wet and I can smell the sweet smell of morning dew in the short, trimmed grass in the garden. There were a lot of people already in the garden when I arrived. Some have started walking around taking pictures of the beautiful scenery and the unique sculptures spread throughout the garden. It is truly a unique experience for me.

It’s true we could enjoy nature on its own, but having artistic inspirations here and there will definitely light up the place and make it a little bit more interesting. The artwork adds beauty to the garden and attracts more and more people to see it. The Boboli Garden is truly a remarkable sight that leaves one wanting to see more.