60Hz Monitors

The great gaming monitor debate has resurfaced in the gaming community. Some people swear by the 120Hz – 200Hz gaming monitors while others say that 60Hz – 70Hz is enough. So what’s the answer? Well, to be honest, it all just depends on what you plan to do with your gaming monitor.

Monitors with higher Hz are great, they guarantee better picture quality and high refresh times. If you’re going to be playing something, whether it be a video, cut scene, game, what have you, with higher fps then something with a higher HZ count would be best for you. However, it is not necessarily necessary to properly enjoy your gaming experience.

This debate has come to new light, particularly in gaming forums. Many have begun to learn that a 60Hz monitor is actually acceptable in most gaming. It has become something of a standard in gaming to have this type of monitor and are easily affordable to the average user. Most gamers would even point out that a high Hz gaming monitor doesn’t serve much purpose to the average gamer unless they plan to do something involving 3D. Many people are happy with the 2D capabilities of a 60HZ gaming monitor and if you are happy with those capabilities there is no need to spend the extra dough on any other gaming monitor. On the flip side, if you are someone who enjoys those 3D capabilities, by all means, get the other monitor.

There are other more common factors in choosing these monitors. For many, the 3D capability isn’t really one of them. Price, level of gaming (whether it be casual gaming or avid, intense gaming), and size are also factors that will decide if a 60Hz monitor is “good” or “bad” for gaming. If you’re looking for something on the cheaper side or game casually and would like something to watch movies on, the 60Hz screen would be perfect for you and is a great buy. If you are an avid gamer with an expensive rig, gaming equipment, and high quality video card, the 120Hz screen is the way to go.

Where you shop also dictates if the screen is good or bad. If you usually like to shop in the nearest electronics store and want easy access to obtaining this monitor, the 60Hz screen would be a great choice for the quick buy. If you frequent the internet shopping sources, are big into customer reviews, are used to building and customizing the type of machinery you game on, the 120Hz would fit that style better.

To wrap it all up, is a 60Hz monitor bad for gaming? No. If you pair it up with a decent gaming keyboard, such as the¬†logitech g105¬†– then you’re all set!

No monitor is really “bad” for gaming unless the picture quality is absolutely horrendous. In the end it all depends on what you plan to do with the monitor, what your price range looks like, how often you’ll be using it, and the size you want. There is a monitor for everyone and this one shouldn’t be excluded.